Bad driving, aka Reverzilla

Last Updated on December 31 2015

So this footage was recorded in 2013 using a GoPro from my bathroom window, and the old CCTV installed on the garage. After years of rank stupidity from the family next door (emigrated to Australia months after we moved out), and after complaints about my parking that lead to a harrassment notice being served on them, their relative decided to start reversing her automatic car down the driveway instead of driving forwards on to it.

This further act of harassment was clearly intended to cause damage to my cars, that are parked quite legally within my boundary (according to the Land Registry documents). I hosted the video on Youtube, but the jerks went and found the video, then raised a privacy complaint against me, presumably because the driving was that bad they didnt want me to take action against the individuals behind the wheel.

How hard can it be to reverse an automatic?
Take foot off foot brake, car starts to move.
Put foot on brake, car stops.

No? I suggest if you see FE10YAY, a Silver Vauxhall Astra, you give it a wide berth.

October 10th 2013

November 15th 2013

The following clip covers, believe it or not, 3 minutes of footage.
3 minutes to reverse an automatic car, safely, up 15 metres of asphalt! Unbelievable

Reverzilla lives on :D