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The 1979 season

Rd 1 Oulton Park 
1Alan Richards56.0312
2David Franklin57.3411
3Simon Riley60.0310
4Dave Harris60.219
5Ted Williams60.298
6Terry Smith61.307
7Paul Williams71.956
Rd 2 Curborough 
1Rob Turnbull31.7712
2Allan Humphries31.9011
3Simon Riley32.0310
4Dave Harris32.159
5Alan Richards32.238
6Arthur Hinds33.447
7Ian Curtis33.556
8Ray Rowan34.605
9Bob Clapham38.134
10Richard Lester38.333
Rd 3 Carnaby 
1David Franklin65.1912
2Terry Smith67.9911
3Alan Richards72.5210
4Ray Rowan74.639
5Arthur Hinds76.408
6John Chilton78.617
7Ken Ayers84.276
8Paul Williams90.855
9Allan Humphries94.244
Rd 4 Curborough 
1Ted Williams29.7712
2David Franklin30.1011
3Dave Harris30.2810
4Rob Turnbull30.519
5Godfrey Crompton30.968
6Simon Riley30.967
7Allan Humphries31.376
8Alan Richards31.435
9David Render31.594
10Terry Smith32.723
Rd 5 St Eval 
1David Franklin45.9912
2Allan Humphries49.0511
3Simon Riley50.0510
4Ray Rowan50.139
5Bob Clapham50.278
6Terry Smith50.517
7Ken Ayers52.216
8Paul Edwards52.525
Rd 6 Colerne 
1David Franklin57.1712
2Dave Harris59.4511
3Tony Westwood60.8010
4Simon Riley61.339
5Ray Rowan61.618
6Noel le Tissier61.687
7Allan Humphries61.996
8Ted Williams62.235
9Richard Fry62.914
10Clive Bracey63.153
Rd 7 Blackpool 
1David Franklin17.5912
2Simon Riley17.8711
3Terry Smith18.1010
4Allan Humphries18.899
5Paul Edwards19.008
6Ray Rowan19.137
7Clive Bracey19.356
8Jonty Williamson19.585
9Richard Lester20.114
10Alan Newton20.263
Rd 8 Lydden Hill 
1Simon Riley45.3012
2Ray Rowan45.4011
3Clive Bracey47.2010
4Paul Edwards47.809
5Ken Ayers52.908
Rd 9 Brighton 
1Terry Smith18.2812
2Jonty Williamson18.4911
3Noel le Tissier18.7010
4Paul Edwards19.399
5Allan Humphries20.328
6Ray Rowan20.497
7Peter Fisk23.316
8Ken Ayers23.385
Rd 10 Talbenny 
1David Franklin62.4212
2Dave Harris62.8711
3Ted Williams63.8410
4Ray Rowan65.159
5Terry Smith65.878
6Richard Fry67.407
7Paul Edwards70.406
8Ken Ayers71.485
Rd 11 Wroughton 
1David Franklin68.0512
2Dave Harris69.3011
3Rob Turnbull73.7010
4Simon Riley76.459
5Richard Fry76.568
6Mark Williams76.987
7Ray Rowan77.106
8Bob Penzer77.275
9Ken Ayers81.804
10Tim Moores85.573
Rd 12 Weston 
1Dave Harris14.3312
2Terry Smith15.2111
3Paul Edwards16.0910
4Simon Riley16.229
5Ray Rowan16.798
6Richard Fry17.197
7Ken Ayers17.936
8Jonty Williamson18.315
9John Stonard20.014

1979 Registered contenders

John Chilton1.6 Beagle-Ford TC Mk1D
Paul Williams1.6 Chevron-Ford B17/35D
Tim Moores1.6 Gryphon-Ford C4AD
Alan Newton1.6 Huron-Ford/Cosworth FVA SS02AD
John Stonard1.6 JAS/Piranha-Ford TCD
Mark Williams1.6 Mallock U2-Ford/Allan Mk11/18-MW79D
Ian Curtis1.6 Mallock U2-Ford/Cosworth BDA Mk18BWD
Richard Lester1.6 March-Ford 722-5/73BD
Peter Fisk1.6 March-Ford BDA 702D
Ken Ayers1.6 March-Ford BDA 752/76BD
Allan Humphries2.0 Lola-Holbay-Abarth T560-HU02D
David Render2.0 Lola-Holbay-Abarth T560-HU02D
Arthur Hinds2.0 Mallock U2 Mk8BD
Richard Fry2.0 Mallock U2-Hart Mk20BD
Alan Richards2.0 March-BMW M12 772-10/782D
David Franklin2.0 March-BMW/Euroracing 782-9D
Ray Rowan2.0 March-Ford/Swindon BDX 742D
Rob Turnbull2.0 March-Hart 762-4D
Ted Williams2.0 March-Hart 772-6/782D
Ted Williams2.0 March-Hart 772PD
Allan Humphries2.1 March-Hart 762F
Tony Westwood2.2 March-Hart 772PF
Godfrey Crompton2.2 March-Hart 782-5/79BF
Simon Riley3.0 March-Cosworth/Swindon DFV 741-2/761F
Noel le Tissier3.4 Chevron-Cosworth GA B30-75-01F
Paul Edwards3.4 March-Ford/Cosworth/Swindon GA 76A-1F
Terry Smith5.0 Brabham-Repco 740 BT36X-2F
Jonty Williamson5.0 Chevron-Chevrolet/Norland B28-74-02F
Bob Penzer5.0 Lola-Chevrolet T332C-HU62F
Terry Smith5.0 March-Repco 740 75A-1/761F
Dave Harris5.0 McRae-Chevrolet GM1-012F
Bob Clapham5.0 Surtees-Chevrolet/CRE TS8-07F
Clive Bracey7.6 Vebra-Chevrolet Mk1F
Clive Bracey7.6s Vebra-Chevrolet Mk1F

1979 Run-off winners

David FranklinD6
Alan RichardsD1
Rob TurnbullD1
Ted WilliamsD1
Simon RileyF1
Terry SmithF1
Dave HarrisF1

1979 Top 12 drivers finishing positions

DriverNatPos 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112
David Franklin121211111
Simon Riley2336342144
Dave Harris34432221
Terry Smith4621063152
Ray Rowan58445626475
Allan Humphries62972745
Paul Edwards7854473
Ted Williams85183
Alan Richards91538
Ken Ayers107758897
Rob Turnbull11143
Richard Fry129656