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The 1988 season

Rd 1 Pembrey 
1Terry Clifford52.3312
2Nigel Bigwood52.8411
3Chris Hill52.9710
4Rodney Eyles53.019
5David Render54.088
6Peter Harper54.377
7Paul Edwards54.626
8Barry Groombridge55.465
9Bill Morris55.514
10Steve Jewell55.603
11Robin Boucher55.672
12Ian Cameron56.911
Rd 2 Curborough 
1Roy Lane28.8112
2Martyn Griffiths29.7611
3Terry Clifford29.7810
4David Render30.439
5Steve Jewell30.438
6David Tilley30.517
7Russ Ward30.656
8Chris Hill30.795
9Paul Edwards31.024
10Rob Welch31.223
11Nigel Bigwood31.542
12Joy Rainey31.561
Rd 3 Ingliston 
1Kenny Allen44.6412
2Terry Clifford45.1611
3Peter Harper45.6110
4Nigel Bigwood45.979
5Paul Edwards46.608
6Ken Ayers46.647
7David Render47.116
8Jonathan Toulmin47.375
9Mike Lane47.734
10Chris Hill48.283
11Rod Fisher50.132
12Pat Donnelly56.561
Rd 4 Curborough 
1Roy Lane28.1312
2Nigel Bigwood29.7111
3Terry Clifford29.8510
4Paul Edwards29.989
5David Render30.028
6Chris Hill30.457
7Robin Boucher30.496
8Jonathan Toulmin30.565
9Tony Southall30.664
10Rob Turnbull30.873
11Steve Jewell31.282
12Malcolm Orme31.421
Rd 5 Donington Park 
1Rodney Eyles54.1812
2Chris Hill54.2711
3Terry Clifford55.4310
4Peter Harper55.589
5David Render56.668
6Nigel Bigwood57.087
7Jonathan Toulmin58.316
8Martin Chittenden60.455
9Martin Brockhouse61.634
10Mike Lane63.303
Rd 6 New Brighton 
1Paul Edwards49.5712
2Ken Ayers50.1611
3David Render50.6510
4Rodney Eyles50.909
5Chris Hill51.688
6Peter Harper52.167
7Nigel Bigwood52.966
8Jonathan Toulmin53.775
9Steve Jewell54.504
10Martin Chittenden54.933
11Malcolm Orme56.042
Rd 7 Ramsey Road 
1Paul Edwards48.0612
2Ken Ayers48.2511
3Chris Hill49.0410
4Terry Clifford50.759
5David Render51.348
6Nigel Bigwood51.697
7Mike Lane55.586
Rd 8 Blackpool 
1Ken Ayers16.2412
2Chris Hill16.4511
3Paul Edwards16.6410
4Terry Clifford16.929
5Peter Harper17.618
6Rod Fisher17.807
7Mark Haynes18.376
8Martin Chittenden18.715
9Pat Donnelly21.344
Rd 9 Pembrey 
1Chris Hill52.0112
2David Render52.4711
3Rodney Eyles52.6510
4Paul Edwards53.279
5Nigel Bigwood53.488
6Peter Harper54.637
7Barry Groombridge54.846
8Marcus Pye55.155
9Robin Boucher55.634
10Ian Cameron55.903
11Steve Jewell56.062
12Terry Clifford72.411
Rd 10 Kirkistown 
1Chris Hill57.9812
2Nigel Bigwood58.2711
3Paul Edwards58.3910
4David Render58.599
5Jackie Harris58.788
6Ken Ayers59.247
7Neil White60.416
8Peter Harper60.815
9Martin Middleton61.484
10Robert McGimpsey62.863
11Terry Clifford64.612
Rd 11 Brighton 
1Clive Bracey14.9812
2Paul Edwards15.2611
3Ken Ayers15.8510
4Roy Woodhouse16.329
5David Render16.408
6Terry Clifford16.647
7Jonathan Toulmin16.666
8Chris Hill16.665
9Martin Chittenden18.324
10Mike Lane18.603
11Adrian Moores18.692
12Les Edmunds19.591
Rd 12 Weston 
1Roy Lane11.1912
2Ken Ayers11.7011
3Clive Bracey11.7810
4Roy Woodhouse12.019
5Paul Edwards12.018
6David Render12.317
7Nigel Bigwood12.426
8Chris Hill12.465
9Jim Robinson12.714
10Terry Clifford12.773
11Jonathan Toulmin12.882
12Mike Remnant13.021

1988 Registered contenders

Martin Chittenden1.6 Chevron-Ford BDA B25-73-08D
Pat Donnelly1.6 Hawke-Ford DL19D
Martin Brockhouse1.6 March-Ford BDA 782D
Les Edmunds1.6 March-Ford BDA 782-12D
Barry Groombridge1.6 Modus-Ford/Hart BDA M4-011-SHD
Barry Groombridge1.6 Modus-Ford/Willis BDA M4-011-SHD
Marcus Pye1.6 Modus-Ford/Willis BDA M4-011-SHD
Mike Lane1.6 Pilbeam-Ford BDA MP50/01D
Ian Cameron1.6 Ralt-Ford BDA/Beattie RT3D
Mark Haynes1.7 Mallock U2-Ford Mk23/24D
Robert McGimpsey1.7 Mallock U2-Ford Mk27D
Tony Southall1.7 Mallock U2-Ford/Beattie Mk27SGSD
Martin Middleton1.7 Pilbeam-Ford/Chamberlain MP52-008D
Peter Harper1.7 Vision-Ford/Beattie V86HD
Neil White2.0 Argo-Ford/Wilcox BDG JM9-057-FAD
Malcolm Orme2.0 Chevron-Ford BDA B38D
Robin Boucher2.0 Chevron-Hart B48-79-01D
Steve Jewell2.0 Chevron-Hart B48-79-01D
Rod Fisher2.0 Lola-Ford BDA T450D
Bill Morris2.0 March-Hart 782-9/79BD
Russ Ward2.0 Martin-Chevrolet Vega BM16D
Rob Welch2.0 Pilbeam-Hart MP58HD
Jackie Harris2.0 Ralt-Ford BDG RT1-72D
Nigel Bigwood2.0 Toleman-Hart TG280D
Kenny Allen2.0 Vision-Cosworth BDG V87/92SSD
Joy Rainey2.3 Pilbeam-Hart MP53F
Chris Hill2.5 Chevron-Hart B40-77-08F
Jim Robinson2.5 Mallock U2-Hart Mk27SGF
David Render2.5 Pilbeam-Hart MP43/02F
Rodney Eyles2.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/4F
Rob Turnbull2.5 Roman-Hart IVF
Terry Clifford2.5 Toleman-Hart TG280H-C5F
Jonathan Toulmin2.8 Lola-Hart T560-HU02F
David Render2.8 Toleman-Hart TG87/1F
Martyn Griffiths2.8t Pilbeam-Hart MP53/04F
David Tilley3.5 March-Rover 722F
Mike Remnant3.5s Ralt-Rover/Panther SD1 RT1F
Roy Woodhouse3.5t March-Rover 822-6F
Adrian Moores3.9 March-Buick 792-21F
Paul Edwards3.9 Techcraft/March-Cosworth/JF DFL 79/86SF
Roy Lane4.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/01F
Ken Ayers4.0 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFL MP58/03F
Clive Bracey7.6s Vebra-Chevrolet Mk 2F

1988 Run-off winners

Roy LaneF3
Paul EdwardsF2
Chris HillF2
Terry CliffordF1
Kenny AllenD1
Rodney EylesF1
Ken AyersF1
Clive BraceyF1

1988 Top 12 drivers finishing positions

DriverNatPos 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112
Paul Edwards179541134325
Chris Hill23810625321188
Terry Clifford313233441211610
David Render454755352456
Ken Ayers56221632
Nigel Bigwood621142676527
Peter Harper76346568
Rodney Eyles84143
Roy Lane9111
Clive Bracey1013
Jonathan Toulmin118878711
Roy Woodhouse1244