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The 2021 season

Scores highlighted in red denote one additonal bonus point awarded for breaking a class record.
Rd 1 Blyton Park (E.) 
1Steve Miles61.6925
2Pete Goulding62.7124
3Terry Holmes63.0223
4Simon Bainbridge63.7423
5Graham Blackwell64.5121
6Robert Tonge66.2020
7Simon Wallis67.1619
8Tony Beesley67.2818
9John Loudon67.2917
10Mark Anson69.1516
11John Graham69.6815
12Graham Porrett69.9214
Rd 2 Blyton Park (E.) 
1Steve Miles62.7925
2Pete Goulding63.4224
3Graham Blackwell64.5723
4Robert Tonge65.5422
5Simon Wallis67.2421
6Tony Beesley67.7020
7Mark Anson68.0419
8Stephen Mallet71.4518
9Richard Mallet82.9017
Rd 3 Blyton Park (OTR) 
1Steve Miles56.5725
2Pete Goulding56.6024
3John Loudon59.3823
4Graham Blackwell60.3022
5Mark Anson60.4321
6Simon Wallis60.9520
7Robert Tonge61.1719
8Stephen Mallet67.1418
9Chris Fulke-Greville90.0517
10Tony Beesley92.2616
Rd 4 Blyton Park (OTR) 
1Steve Miles56.2925
2Pete Goulding56.6924
3Graham Blackwell58.2823
4John Loudon59.9222
5Simon Wallis60.3721
6Robert Tonge60.9620
7Mark Anson61.6119
8Stephen Mallet66.0018
9Tony Beesley68.6017
10Richard Mallet74.9216
Rd 5 Pembrey (Natl.) 
1Matt Hillam93.9125
2Steve Miles95.9424
3Steve Broughton97.2223
4John Graham98.0622
5Graham Blackwell99.3421
6Simon Bainbridge100.7220
7John Loudon100.9319
8Robert Tonge101.1218
9Simon Wallis102.4717
10Mark Anson106.5216
11Carole Torkington108.1315
12Zoe Kingham128.7914
Rd 6 Pembrey (Natl.) 
1Steve Miles103.0725
2Matt Hillam103.7124
3Simon Bainbridge103.8523
4John Loudon108.2322
5Mark Anson109.9921
6Robert Tonge112.4420
7Simon Wallis113.0919
8Graham Blackwell114.1618
9Carole Torkington116.7517
10Zoe Kingham134.5316
Rd 7 Pembrey (Club) 
1Steve Miles105.9725
2John Graham106.6124
3Robert Tonge107.6723
4Graham Blackwell108.6322
5John Loudon109.7822
6Simon Bainbridge111.7321
7Simon Wallis112.6819
8Mark Anson114.1318
9Carole Torkington116.7317
10Steve Broughton120.2616
11Zoe Kingham142.4915
Rd 8 Pembrey (Club) 
1Steve Miles104.2725
2Robert Tonge106.9525
3John Graham108.3523
4Graham Blackwell109.0422
5John Loudon110.6921
6Simon Bainbridge113.1520
7Simon Wallis113.5619
8Mark Anson114.7518
9Carole Torkington117.1217
Rd 9 Snetterton 
1Matt Hillam79.7825
2Steve Miles79.9124
3Pete Goulding82.6623
4Steve Broughton83.4222
5John Graham83.6721
6Simon Bainbridge84.8220
7Chris Jones84.9719
8Terry Holmes85.5318
9John Loudon86.1117
10Tony Beesley86.2516
11Simon Wallis86.7415
12Grahame Harden88.3014
Rd 10 Snetterton 
1Matt Hillam79.7925
2Pete Goulding80.9524
3Steve Miles81.4223
4Steve Broughton81.7622
5Terry Holmes82.0821
6Robert Tonge83.6221
7Graham Blackwell83.7619
8John Graham84.0618
9Simon Bainbridge84.2817
10Tony Beesley86.0216
11Grahame Harden87.6115
12Simon Wallis93.0614
Rd 11 Snetterton 
1Matt Hillam78.3825
2Steve Miles79.4524
3Pete Goulding80.1323
4Terry Holmes81.1022
5Graham Blackwell82.1221
6Steve Broughton83.0720
7Simon Bainbridge83.4319
8John Graham85.1718
9John Loudon86.1317
10Grahame Harden86.3616
11Tony Beesley87.0115
12Simon Wallis88.7114
Rd 12 Snetterton 
1Matt Hillam78.9025
2Steve Miles79.5324
3Pete Goulding80.3623
4Graham Blackwell80.5522
5Terry Holmes80.6821
6Steve Broughton80.6920
7Simon Bainbridge82.4119
8Grahame Harden83.9518
9John Graham84.2917
10Robert Tonge84.7716
11John Loudon85.0915
12Tony Beesley85.7514
Rd 13 Lydden Hill 
1Matt Hillam67.2925
2Graham Blackwell68.4924
3Steve Broughton69.1423
4Simon Wallis69.6722
5Pete Goulding70.3221
6Simon Bainbridge71.1820
7Steve Miles71.5519
8Tony Beesley72.5418
9Mark Anson74.3217
10Carole Torkington74.3616
11John Loudon75.1615
Rd 14 Lydden Hill 
1Matt Hillam66.7725
2Graham Blackwell67.2024
3Steve Miles67.3423
4Steve Broughton68.3422
5Simon Wallis69.9421
6Pete Goulding70.1920
7Tony Beesley71.6519
8Simon Bainbridge72.0718
9Mark Anson73.6517
10Carole Torkington73.9216
11John Loudon75.1615
12Nick Houston93.2114
Rd 15 Knockhill (ACW) 
1Terry Holmes90.1725
2Graham Blackwell91.3924
3Pete Goulding92.2923
4Simon Bainbridge94.1022
5Robert Tonge96.3621
6Graham Porrett96.9020
7Simon Wallis99.3419
8Mark Anson99.5518
9Stephen Mallet100.7617
10Grahame Harden105.5016
11Richard Mallet112.2115
Rd 16 Knockhill (ACW) 
1Terry Holmes90.3125
2Steve Miles90.4524
3Graham Blackwell91.2623
4Pete Goulding92.2922
5Simon Bainbridge92.8221
6Graham Porrett93.5820
7Robert Tonge95.5319
8Mark Anson99.3218
9Stephen Mallet100.5217
10John Loudon100.7816
11Grahame Harden102.7415
12Simon Wallis116.3414
Rd 17 Knockhill (CW) 
1Steve Miles92.1225
2Terry Holmes92.5624
3Graham Blackwell92.6424
4Pete Goulding94.7322
5Simon Bainbridge96.1721
6Graham Porrett97.5020
7Robert Tonge98.4619
8Simon Wallis100.7218
9Mark Anson103.7317
10John Loudon105.3216
11Grahame Harden107.1915
12Richard Mallet109.2514
Rd 18 Knockhill (CW) 
1Steve Miles91.8526
2Terry Holmes92.1324
3Graham Blackwell94.5623
4Simon Bainbridge96.7822
5Robert Tonge98.2621
6Mark Anson100.1020
7Stephen Mallet104.1719
8John Loudon104.5918
9Grahame Harden106.2817
10Richard Mallet109.1816
11Simon Wallis125.2515
Rd 19 Kirkistown 
1Graham Blackwell115.5125
2Pete Goulding116.1024
3Graham Porrett116.4723
4Mark Anson122.2822
5Grahame Harden122.5921
6John Loudon123.6220
Rd 20 Kirkistown 
1Graham Porrett114.3825
2Graham Blackwell116.0324
3Grahame Harden122.4723
4Mark Anson122.6022
5John Loudon125.3421
Rd 21 Kirkistown 
1Graham Porrett112.1325
2Graham Blackwell113.2724
3Pete Goulding115.2723
4John Loudon120.5722
5Grahame Harden121.5121
6Mark Anson126.8320
Rd 22 Kirkistown 
1Pete Goulding113.4525
2Graham Blackwell113.4625
3John Loudon118.3624
4Mark Anson119.7522
5Grahame Harden121.5421
6Graham Porrett151.0020
Rd 23 Blyton Park (E.) 
1Steve Miles61.8825
2Matt Hillam62.7524
3Simon Wallis63.8223
4Steve Broughton64.8522
5Steve Brown65.6021
6Pete Goulding65.6920
7John Loudon65.6919
8Simon Bainbridge65.8318
9Robert Tonge65.9717
10Mark Anson66.7516
11Tony Beesley67.1415
12Carole Torkington82.4614
Rd 24 Blyton Park (E.) 
1Pete Goulding60.8826
2Steve Miles60.9225
3Matt Hillam60.9423
4Robert Tonge62.9623
5Steve Broughton63.3621
6John Loudon63.6921
7Simon Bainbridge63.9520
8Simon Wallis65.6918
9Steve Brown66.5217
10Mark Anson67.1416
11Tony Beesley67.7315
12Carole Torkington73.2414
Rd 25 Blyton Park (OTR) 
1Matt Hillam56.0725
2Pete Goulding56.2124
3Steve Miles57.1623
4Steve Broughton57.2322
5Robert Tonge59.0821
6Mark Anson60.6220
7Simon Wallis61.5219
8Tony Beesley62.1018
9Carole Torkington64.9617
Rd 26 Blyton Park (OTR) 
1Steve Miles56.4125
2Matt Hillam56.4724
3Steve Broughton57.0823
4Robert Tonge58.7822
5Simon Wallis59.6321
6Mark Anson60.3920
7Tony Beesley61.0319
8Steve Brown65.5618
Rd 27 Anglesey (Natl.) 
1Simon Bainbridge56.8425
2Terry Holmes57.7824
3Pete Goulding58.3523
4Robert Tonge58.6522
5Steve Miles59.0921
6Graham Blackwell59.4920
7John Loudon59.8719
8Steve Broughton60.1418
9Carole Torkington61.7717
10Graham Porrett61.7816
11Matt Hillam62.9115
12Simon Wallis159.0114
Rd 28 Anglesey (Natl.) 
1Pete Goulding57.8225
2Graham Blackwell59.3924
3Simon Bainbridge59.9823
4Steve Broughton62.5322
5Matt Hillam63.7221
6John Loudon63.7420
7Simon Wallis67.7619
8Stephen Mallet69.1418
9Graham Porrett70.2817
10Mark Anson70.3016
11Grahame Harden72.4615
12Terry Holmes72.4914
Rd 29 Anglesey (Intl.) 
1Matt Hillam79.0925
2Terry Holmes79.8124
3Pete Goulding80.2523
4Steve Miles80.4722
5Graham Blackwell80.4821
6Steve Broughton82.6720
7Robert Tonge82.8919
8John Loudon83.7818
9Simon Wallis85.4217
10Mark Anson86.7016
11Grahame Harden86.8015
12Carole Torkington87.8814
Rd 30 Anglesey (Intl.) 
1Matt Hillam78.9925
2Terry Holmes79.3324
3Steve Miles79.4023
4Graham Blackwell79.4222
5Pete Goulding79.8321
6Steve Broughton81.4720
7Graham Porrett82.5419
8Robert Tonge82.7618
9John Loudon82.9417
10Simon Wallis83.5516
11Mark Anson85.5715
12Grahame Harden86.6214
Rd 31 Castle Combe 
1Terry Holmes114.1225
2Steve Miles117.3724
3Pete Goulding118.0223
4Graham Blackwell118.4422
5Simon Bainbridge119.5521
6Matt Hillam119.9520
7Steve Broughton121.4019
8Graham Porrett122.9318
9Grahame Harden123.2417
10Robert Tonge126.1316
11John Loudon131.2815
12Tony Beesley133.7714
Rd 32 Castle Combe 
1Terry Holmes112.7025
2Pete Goulding117.2025
3Simon Bainbridge117.4124
4Steve Miles118.4422
5Matt Hillam120.3521
6Graham Porrett120.8120
7Steve Broughton120.9919
8Robert Tonge126.4718
9Carole Torkington126.9017
10John Loudon129.0916
11Simon Wallis131.9015
12Tony Beesley136.6114

2021 Registered contenders

Grahame Harden1.3 Radical PR6A
Richard Mallet1.3 Radical PR6A
Stephen Mallet1.3 Radical PR6A
Simon Bainbridge4.2t SBR CronoA
Chris Jones1.0 Force TA IJD001B
Tony Beesley1.0 Jedi Mk4B
Nick Houston1.0 OMS Hornet 168B
John Loudon1.1 Force HCB
Simon Wallis1.1 OMS 3000M 178B
Mark Anson1.1 Jedi Mk6C
Robert Tonge1.4 Force TA IJD008C
Carole Torkington1.5 OMS CF08C
Steve Brown1.3t Empire Evo2D
Chris Fulke-Greville1.8 TurnerD
Matt Hillam2.0 Dallara-SBD Vauxhall F399/001-058D
Steve Broughton2.0 Dallara-SBD Vauxhall F399/001-058D
Steve Miles2.0 Van Diemen RF96mmD
John Loudon1.6T Mygale FF200 SJ01/011 2012 EcoBoostE
Pete Goulding1.6T Mygale FF200 SJ01/011 2012 EcoBoostE
Graham Blackwell1.6T Mygale FF200 SJ01/014 2013 EcoBoostE
Zoe Kingham1.6T SBD Westfield SeiWE
John Graham3.5 Gould GR55BF
Graham Porrett3.5 Lola-Judd T90F
Terry Holmes3.5 Lola-Judd T90F

2021 Run-off winners

Steve MilesD11
Matt HillamD10
Terry HolmesF4
Pete GouldingE3
Graham PorrettF2
Graham BlackwellE1
Simon BainbridgeA1

2021 Bonus point scorers

Simon BainbridgeA4
John LoudonB3
Robert TongeC3
Steve MilesD2
Graham BlackwellE2
Pete GouldingE2

2021 Top 12 drivers finishing positions

DriverNatPos 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 91011121314151617181920212223242526272829303132
Steve Miles111112111232273211123154324
Pete Goulding22222323356344231612313532
Matt Hillam31211111123121151165
Graham Blackwell453435844754222333122262544
Simon Bainbridge5463666977684554871353
Robert Tonge66476863261057759454478108
Steve Broughton73104466344543846677
John Loudon89347455991111111010865437676891110
Terry Holmes93854511222122211
Simon Wallis107565977711121245712811387512791011
Mark Anson1110757105889988964464101066101011
Graham Porrett12126663116109786