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The 2023 season

Scores highlighted in red denote one additonal bonus point awarded for breaking a class record.
Rd 1 Cadwell Park 
1Simon Bainbridge90.4525
2Steve Miles100.4724
3Pete Goulding102.7923
4Graham Blackwell104.9722
5Steve Brown106.3921
6Nicholas Scott114.3620
7Simon Wallis122.7719
8John Loudon234.6118
Rd 2 Cadwell Park 
1Simon Bainbridge87.3825
2Steve Miles93.4124
3Pete Goulding94.8423
4Graham Blackwell95.6122
5Simon Wallis109.4421
6John Loudon115.9020
Rd 3 Anglesey (Natl.) 
1Pete Goulding47.8125
2Graham Blackwell48.2024
3Matt Hillam48.5623
4Steve Brown48.6822
5Robert Tonge49.1021
6Simon Bainbridge49.1620
7Steve Broughton49.3419
8John Loudon50.2518
9Grahame Harden50.4617
10Carole Torkington52.5216
11Simon Wallis53.1415
12Steve Miles76.9514
Rd 4 Anglesey (Natl.) 
1Steve Miles46.5325
2Matt Hillam46.5725
3Pete Goulding47.2024
4Graham Blackwell47.8322
5Robert Tonge48.4721
6Steve Broughton48.5420
7John Loudon48.6119
8Steve Brown49.3218
9Simon Bainbridge49.5717
10Grahame Harden49.8816
11Carole Torkington51.6615
12Simon Wallis54.3714
Rd 5 Anglesey (Intl.) 
1Pete Goulding79.1525
2John Loudon80.0724
3Steve Miles80.5523
4Matt Hillam80.5822
5Graham Blackwell80.9021
6Robert Tonge81.8520
7Grahame Harden82.0019
7Steve Broughton82.0019
9Simon Bainbridge82.3717
10Carole Torkington85.0716
11Simon Wallis88.9915
Rd 6 Anglesey (Intl.) 
1Pete Goulding78.0025
2Graham Blackwell79.4624
3Matt Hillam79.5024
4Steve Miles79.5422
5John Loudon81.1621
6Steve Broughton81.2320
7Robert Tonge81.5919
8Grahame Harden83.2918
9Carole Torkington84.3817
10Simon Wallis85.9116
13Simon Bainbridge999.9913
Rd 7 Blyton Park (E.) 
1Graham Blackwell62.5525
2Pete Goulding62.6324
3Steve Miles63.3923
4Steve Broughton64.1722
5John Munro64.7221
6Matt Hillam65.4220
7Simon Wallis69.7319
8Grahame Harden70.0118
9Nicholas Scott73.8217
10Carole Torkington74.4816
11John Loudon82.1115
Rd 8 Blyton Park (E.) 
1Pete Goulding60.5525
2Steve Miles61.6624
3Graham Blackwell61.6923
4Matt Hillam61.8223
5Steve Broughton62.9821
6John Munro63.1120
7John Loudon63.4419
8Simon Wallis66.9318
9Grahame Harden68.0117
10Carole Torkington71.8516
11Nicholas Scott75.0115
13Simon Bainbridge999.9913
Rd 9 Blyton Park (OTR) 
1Matt Hillam55.8526
2Pete Goulding56.0024
3Graham Blackwell56.9623
4Steve Broughton58.1322
5John Loudon58.5821
6Grahame Harden62.3820
7Simon Wallis63.6619
8Carole Torkington64.7018
9Nicholas Scott68.6517
13John Munro999.9913
13Steve Miles999.9913
Rd 10 Blyton Park (OTR) 
1Pete Goulding55.9125
2Steve Miles56.3124
3Graham Blackwell56.4823
4Matt Hillam56.7922
5Steve Broughton58.2421
6John Loudon58.5520
7Grahame Harden60.7719
8Simon Wallis62.4818
9Carole Torkington63.2617
10Nicholas Scott70.7716
Rd 11 Lydden Hill 
1Graham Blackwell66.1326
2Steve Miles66.6824
3Chris Jones67.1324
4Pete Goulding67.3922
5Steve Broughton68.1621
6John Loudon68.5420
7Matt Hillam68.5619
8Simon Wallis70.7318
9Grahame Harden72.1017
10Carole Torkington72.6316
11Nicholas Scott81.8915
12Zoe Kingham83.4114
Rd 12 Lydden Hill 
1Steve Miles67.0925
2Graham Blackwell67.2424
3Matt Hillam67.4423
4Chris Jones67.5122
5Pete Goulding68.0521
6Steve Broughton68.4820
7John Loudon68.8019
8Simon Wallis70.7018
9Grahame Harden72.2717
10Carole Torkington72.8016
11Nicholas Scott82.0315
12Zoe Kingham82.3614
Rd 13 Pembrey (Club) 
1Pete Goulding94.2526
2Chris Jones94.6425
3Steve Broughton94.7324
4John Loudon94.9622
5Graham Blackwell95.1121
6Steve Miles95.4120
7Grahame Harden104.1819
8Simon Wallis105.3718
9Carole Torkington108.8317
13Nick Houston999.9913
Rd 14 Pembrey (Club) 
1Chris Jones94.9925
2Steve Miles95.4224
3John Loudon95.7023
4Steve Broughton96.5422
5Pete Goulding97.0421
6Grahame Harden102.8120
7Simon Wallis103.0019
8Carole Torkington104.6218
9Nick Houston117.3417
10Graham Blackwell160.0316
Rd 15 Pembrey (Natl.) 
1Chris Jones105.7126
2Graham Blackwell105.8424
3Steve Broughton106.0224
4Steve Miles106.6122
5Grahame Harden113.2721
6Simon Wallis113.3220
7Carole Torkington115.2519
8Nick Houston122.7518
13Pete Goulding999.9913
Rd 16 Pembrey (Natl.) 
1Steve Miles106.1325
2Pete Goulding106.3124
3Chris Jones106.4123
4Graham Blackwell107.0722
5Steve Broughton108.5021
6Simon Wallis111.4920
7Carole Torkington112.7019
8Grahame Harden113.9918
9Nick Houston122.6617
Rd 17 Lydden Hill 
1Graham Blackwell66.8525
2Chris Jones67.5424
3John Loudon68.2823
4Steve Miles68.9322
5Carole Torkington70.8421
6Grahame Harden71.7120
7Simon Wallis72.4619
8Pete Goulding73.5418
9Steve Broughton78.5317
10Zoe Kingham84.9816
Rd 18 Lydden Hill 
1Chris Jones67.0526
2Pete Goulding67.5624
3Graham Blackwell67.6423
4John Loudon68.4922
5Steve Miles68.8521
6Simon Wallis71.0920
7Grahame Harden71.9719
8Steve Broughton77.3218
9Zoe Kingham81.3117
Rd 19 Kirkistown 
1Graham Blackwell112.2225
2Steve Miles114.3624
3Pete Goulding115.3323
4Simon Bainbridge116.4522
5John Loudon117.4921
6Grahame Harden122.2920
7Nicholas Scott133.8319
Rd 20 Kirkistown 
1Pete Goulding112.0625
2Graham Blackwell112.7924
3Steve Miles115.3523
4John Loudon119.3022
5Grahame Harden122.9421
6Nicholas Scott135.0020
7Simon Bainbridge169.8419
Rd 21 Kirkistown 
1Pete Goulding126.4325
2Simon Bainbridge128.7624
3Graham Blackwell133.6023
4Grahame Harden150.3122
5Nicholas Scott158.4621
6John Loudon162.4720
13Steve Miles999.9913
Rd 22 Kirkistown 
1Simon Bainbridge123.1425
2Graham Blackwell129.7824
3Pete Goulding129.8423
4Steve Miles133.4922
5Grahame Harden157.3221
6John Loudon164.2320
Rd 23 Snetterton 
1Graham Blackwell79.5026
2Pete Goulding79.8324
3John Loudon80.9024
4Steve Miles81.3022
5Simon Bainbridge81.8221
6Grahame Harden85.0420
7Simon Wallis87.3019
8Carole Torkington88.0518
9Nick Houston92.4917
10Nicholas Scott92.6216
Rd 24 Snetterton 
1Graham Blackwell79.6625
2Pete Goulding80.2524
3John Loudon81.1823
4Steve Miles82.0222
5Simon Bainbridge83.9421
6Grahame Harden85.2220
7Simon Wallis88.5219
8Nicholas Scott90.9718
9Nick Houston92.0817
Rd 25 Snetterton 
1Pete Goulding78.8826
2John Loudon78.9225
3Graham Blackwell79.1023
4Steve Miles81.0422
5Simon Bainbridge82.6521
6Grahame Harden84.9820
7Simon Wallis87.0219
8Carole Torkington89.4518
9Nicholas Scott89.7417
10Nick Houston94.2916
Rd 27 Pembrey (Club) 
1Steve Broughton97.6225
2Steve Miles98.0724
3Pete Goulding99.0123
4Simon Bainbridge103.9622
5Martin Pickles105.1321
6Simon Wallis105.8120
7Carole Torkington109.0319
8Nicholas Scott111.5918
9Zoe Kingham112.7117
13Graham Blackwell999.9913
Rd 28 Pembrey (Club) 
1Steve Broughton96.2325
2Graham Blackwell97.8224
3Steve Miles97.8423
4Pete Goulding98.2422
5Simon Bainbridge102.1321
6Simon Wallis103.1520
7Martin Pickles104.3819
8Carole Torkington107.9418
9Zoe Kingham111.8917
10Nicholas Scott113.3616
Rd 29 Pembrey (Natl.) 
1Steve Miles116.0725
2Pete Goulding116.8824
3Graham Blackwell117.5923
4Simon Wallis122.8222
5Martin Pickles127.6721
6Carole Torkington129.0320
7Nicholas Scott135.7219
13Simon Bainbridge999.9913
Rd 30 Pembrey (Natl.) 
1Simon Bainbridge115.9625
2Pete Goulding117.4124
3Steve Miles118.8423
4Steve Broughton119.1922
5Simon Wallis125.5021
6Graham Blackwell127.3420
7Zoe Kingham135.9319
8Martin Pickles147.4218
9Nicholas Scott151.3617
10Carole Torkington153.7816
Rd 31 Blyton Park (E.) 
1Graham Blackwell61.1225
2John Loudon61.2425
3Pete Goulding61.5623
4Steve Miles62.8122
5Grahame Harden64.7921
6Simon Wallis65.6120
7Carole Torkington69.3419
8Nicholas Scott69.6218
13Steve Brown999.9913
Rd 32 Blyton Park (E.) 
1John Loudon61.8925
2Graham Blackwell62.0424
3Steve Miles62.1623
4Grahame Harden66.6422
5Simon Wallis66.9821
6Carole Torkington72.3620
7Pete Goulding76.1819
Rd 33 Blyton Park (OTR) 
1Graham Blackwell57.2825
2Pete Goulding58.7624
3John Loudon60.4023
4Steve Miles61.1522
5Grahame Harden62.9421
6Simon Wallis66.3620
7Carole Torkington67.0319
8Nicholas Scott70.9118
Rd 34 Blyton Park (OTR) 
1Graham Blackwell56.4825
2Steve Miles58.0124
3John Loudon58.6323
4Grahame Harden59.7822
5Simon Wallis61.6021
6Carole Torkington66.7520
7Nicholas Scott68.0419
Rd 35 Anglesey (Natl.) 
1Alex Summers55.5425
2John Loudon57.1924
3Graham Blackwell57.5823
4Simon Bainbridge59.8922
5Grahame Harden60.5321
6Robert Tonge65.5020
7Pete Goulding68.7719
8Graham Porrett72.4618
9Nicholas Scott73.3917
10Steve Miles77.5416
Rd 36 Anglesey (Natl.) 
1Alex Summers54.4125
2Graham Blackwell57.6224
3Simon Bainbridge58.1823
4Robert Tonge59.4722
5Pete Goulding59.6821
6John Loudon60.1520
7Grahame Harden63.7819
8Steve Miles66.6118
9Nicholas Scott74.2917
10Graham Porrett83.4716
Rd 37 Anglesey (Intl.) 
1Alex Summers82.5125
2Robert Tonge86.2624
3Steve Miles86.4523
4Pete Goulding87.6922
5John Loudon87.9521
6Grahame Harden89.3120
7Graham Porrett100.7719
8Nicholas Scott104.7218
13Graham Blackwell999.9913
Rd 38 Anglesey (Intl.) 
1Alex Summers76.4225
2Steve Miles79.8324
3Pete Goulding80.3723
4John Loudon81.1022
5Robert Tonge82.8021
6Graham Blackwell94.4920
7Graham Porrett95.5719
8Nicholas Scott96.2918
9Grahame Harden97.0217
10Simon Bainbridge97.9316
Rd 39 Knockhill (CW) 
1Simon Bainbridge107.4725
2Graham Blackwell109.3324
3Pete Goulding109.9323
4Steve Miles110.7222
5John Loudon115.4921
6Graham Porrett127.5320
Rd 40 Knockhill (CW) 
1Stewart Robb103.2125
2Pete Goulding105.1524
3Simon Bainbridge105.3323
4Graham Blackwell109.3322
5Steve Miles110.7821
6John Loudon112.5220
7Graham Porrett123.3219
Rd 41 Castle Combe 
1Pete Goulding116.9325
2Graham Blackwell117.1124
3Steve Broughton121.4124
4John Loudon124.2022
5Steve Miles124.4121
6Simon Bainbridge124.4620
7Grahame Harden124.9519
8Simon Wallis129.3618
9Carole Torkington129.7517
10Zoe Kingham136.7216
11Graham Porrett138.0515
12Nick Houston141.0214
Rd 42 Castle Combe 
1Steve Broughton160.9825
2Simon Wallis224.9924
3Nick Houston244.4823
4Carole Torkington286.3722

2023 Registered contenders

Grahame Harden1.3 Radical PR6A
Grahame Harden1.6 Radical PR6A
Simon Bainbridge4.2t SBR CronoA
Chris Jones1.0 Force TA IJD001B
Martin Pickles1.0 Jedi Mk1 008B
Nick Houston1.0 OMS Hornet 168B
John Loudon1.1 Force TA IJD009B
Simon Wallis1.1 OMS 3000M 178B
Matt Hillam1.4 DJ Firehawk CT004C
Steve Broughton1.4 DJ Firehawk CT004C
Zoe Kingham1.4 DJ Firehawk CT004C
Robert Tonge1.4 Force TA IJD008C
John Munro1.4 OMS CF07C
Carole Torkington1.5 OMS CF08C
Nicholas Scott1.6 Force TA IJD004C
Steve Brown1.3s Empire Evo2 030D
Steve Miles2.0 Van Diemen RF96mmD
Graham Porrett1.6T Mygale FF200 SJ01/008 2012 EcoBoostE
Pete Goulding1.6T Mygale FF200 SJ01/011 2012 EcoBoostE
Graham Blackwell1.6T Mygale FF200 SJ01/014 2013 EcoBoostE
Alex Summers2.5 AFS P4tF
Stewart Robb5.0 Pilbeam MP88-1 GV5F

2023 Run-off winners

Pete GouldingE10
Graham BlackwellE9
Simon BainbridgeA5
Steve MilesD4
Alex SummersF4
Chris JonesB3
Steve BroughtonC3
Matt HillamC1
John LoudonB1
Stewart RobbF1

2023 Bonus point scorers

Chris JonesB4
John LoudonB3
Matt HillamC4
Steve BroughtonC3
Pete GouldingE3
Graham BlackwellE2

2023 Top 12 drivers finishing positions

DriverNatPos 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718192021222324252627282930313233343536373839404142
Pete Goulding13313112121451513282311322134223727543321
Graham Blackwell24424521333125102413123211313236121132136242
Steve Miles322121343213221624145231344442313434210832455
John Loudon486872511756674334546633221332654564
Simon Bainbridge51169913134721555451314310136
Steve Broughton6767645455634359811431
Grahame Harden7910788967997658676545666545457697
Simon Wallis875111211107878888766767776645656582
Carole Torkington910111091010891010987758878610767694
Nicholas Scott10691191011117651089810798879988
Matt Hillam113243641473
Chris Jones1234211321