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Driver/Car Bio for 1.0 Force-Suzuki TA1JD001

2018 Castle Combe1Chris Jones8124.901.0 Force-Suzuki TA1JD00155
2018 Castle Combe1Chris Bennett12134.621.0 Force-Suzuki TA1JD00116
2018 Pembrey3Chris Jones997.481.0 Force-Suzuki TA1JD001410
2018 Pembrey4Chris Jones997.411.0 Force-Suzuki TA1JD001414
2018 Snetterton5Chris Jones1082.651.0 Force-Suzuki TA1JD001317
2018 Snetterton6Chris Jones1083.641.0 Force-Suzuki TA1JD001320
2018 Blyton Park (E.)13Chris Jones1084.551.0 Force-Suzuki TA1JD001323
2018 Blyton Park (OTR)14Chris Jones758.241.0 Force-Suzuki TA1JD001629
2018 Anglesey (Natl.)15Chris Jones648.461.0 Force-Suzuki TA1JD001736
2018 Anglesey (Intl.)16Chris Jones579.911.0 Force-Suzuki TA1JD001844
2018 Anglesey (Intl.)16Chris Bennett1186.531.0 Force-Suzuki TA1JD001246