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Driver/Car Bio for 1.3 OMS-Suzuki SC1/3i-23

2001 MIRA4Rob Stevens844.631.3 OMS-Suzuki SC1/3i-2355
2001 MIRA4Adrian Britnell946.371.3 OMS-Suzuki SC1/3i-2349
2001 Pembrey5Rob Stevens750.901.3 OMS-Suzuki SC1/3i-23615
2001 Pembrey5Adrian Britnell851.671.3 OMS-Suzuki SC1/3i-23520
2001 Pembrey6Rob Stevens836.181.3 OMS-Suzuki SC1/3i-23525
2001 Pembrey6Adrian Britnell938.251.3 OMS-Suzuki SC1/3i-23429
2002 MIRA2Rob Stevens444.451.3 OMS-Suzuki SC1/3i-23938
2002 MIRA2Adrian Britnell746.221.3 OMS-Suzuki SC1/3i-23644
2002 Pembrey3Rob Stevens449.821.3 OMS-Suzuki SC1/3i-23953
2002 Pembrey3Adrian Britnell550.851.3 OMS-Suzuki SC1/3i-23861
2002 Pembrey4Rob Stevens445.771.3 OMS-Suzuki SC1/3i-23970
2002 Pembrey4Adrian Britnell747.041.3 OMS-Suzuki SC1/3i-23676
2002 Croft14Rob Stevens389.441.3 OMS-Suzuki SC1/3i-231086
2002 Croft14Adrian Britnell796.001.3 OMS-Suzuki SC1/3i-23692