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Driver/Car Bio for 1.6 Reynard-Ford SF79-063

1998 Aintree14Peter Howgate1243.111.6 Reynard-Ford SF79-06311
1999 Pembrey4Peter Howgate1078.121.6 Reynard-Ford SF79-06334
1999 Ty Croes10Peter Howgate791.851.6 Reynard-Ford SF79-063610
1999 Aintree11Peter Howgate1242.991.6 Reynard-Ford SF79-063111
1999 Three Sisters12Peter Howgate1251.071.6 Reynard-Ford SF79-063112
2000 Hethel2Peter Howgate891.311.6 Reynard-Ford SF79-063517
2000 Pembrey5Peter Howgate1041.701.6 Reynard-Ford SF79-063320
2000 Curborough6Peter Howgate958.861.6 Reynard-Ford SF79-063424
2000 Aintree7Peter Howgate1155.721.6 Reynard-Ford SF79-063226
2000 Lydden Hill8Peter Howgate1081.931.6 Reynard-Ford SF79-063329
2000 Aintree12Peter Howgate647.931.6 Reynard-Ford SF79-063736
2000 Three Sisters13Peter Howgate1048.971.6 Reynard-Ford SF79-063339