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Driver/Car Bio for 3.5 SPA-Judd MP58

1998 Colerne12John Payne1173.823.5 SPA-Judd MP5822
1998 Aintree14John Payne537.093.5 SPA-Judd MP58810
1998 Three Sisters15John Payne845.773.5 SPA-Judd MP58515
1999 MIRA2John Payne746.103.5 SPA-Judd MP58621
1999 Aintree6John Payne236.973.5 SPA-Judd MP581132
1999 Aintree11John Payne236.743.5 SPA-Judd MP581143
2000 MIRA3John Payne1062.263.5 SPA-Judd MP58346
2000 Aintree7John Payne747.903.5 SPA-Judd MP58652
2000 Colerne11John Payne672.213.5 SPA-Judd MP58759
2000 Three Sisters13John Payne642.673.5 SPA-Judd MP58766
2002 MIRA2John Payne1148.473.5 SPA-Judd MP58268
2002 Pembrey3John Payne952.913.5 SPA-Judd MP58472
2002 Pembrey4John Payne646.953.5 SPA-Judd MP58779
2002 Curborough5John Payne352.993.5 SPA-Judd MP581089
2002 Colerne11John Payne974.473.5 SPA-Judd MP58493
2002 Aintree12John Payne440.833.5 SPA-Judd MP589102
2002 Three Sisters13John Payne843.543.5 SPA-Judd MP585107
2003 Pembrey3John Payne1252.203.5 SPA-Judd MP581108
2003 Pembrey4John Payne947.903.5 SPA-Judd MP584112
2003 Colerne10John Payne973.393.5 SPA-Judd MP584116
2003 Aintree11John Payne342.043.5 SPA-Judd MP5810126