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Driver summary Ambrose Butcher

First Year1997
Last Year1998
Number of runoffs13
Best Runoff4
Average Position9.3846

Points Tally Ambrose Butcher

1997 83214
1998 51522

Driver/Car Bio for Ambrose Butcher

1997 Curborough1Ambrose Butcher1030.171.8 Royale-Rover K RP2633
1997 MIRA2Ambrose Butcher945.501.8 Royale-Rover K RP2647
1997 Pembrey4Ambrose Butcher985.741.8 Royale-Rover K RP26411
1997 Curborough6Ambrose Butcher466.911.8 Royale-Rover K RP26920
1997 Aintree7Ambrose Butcher1146.201.8 Royale-Rover K RP26222
1997 Three Sisters8Ambrose Butcher842.171.8 Royale-Rover K RP26527
1997 Aintree12Ambrose Butcher941.891.8 Royale-Rover K RP26431
1997 Three Sisters13Ambrose Butcher1242.431.8 Royale-Rover K RP26132
1998 Pembrey2Ambrose Butcher746.451.8 Royale-Rover K RP26638
1998 Pembrey3Ambrose Butcher1150.841.8 Royale-Rover K RP26240
1998 Aintree4Ambrose Butcher1241.921.8 Royale-Rover K RP26141
1998 Curborough6Ambrose Butcher1155.641.8 Royale-Rover K RP26243
1998 Aintree14Ambrose Butcher940.791.8 Royale-Rover K RP26447