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Driver summary Bev Fawkes

First Year1996
Last Year2001
Number of runoffs25
Best Runoff4
Average Position8.4000

Points Tally Bev Fawkes

1996 62910
1999 51621
2000 7389
2001 7328

Driver/Car Bio for Bev Fawkes

1996 Ingliston2Bev Fawkes6101.153.4 Reliant-Cosworth/Swindon GAA Scimitar SE677
1996 Jurby3Bev Fawkes5142.193.4 Reliant-Cosworth/Swindon GAA Scimitar SE6815
1996 Pembrey5Bev Fawkes1191.773.4 Reliant-Cosworth/Swindon GAA Scimitar SE6217
1996 Kirkistown9Bev Fawkes7124.583.4 Reliant-Cosworth/Swindon GAA Scimitar SE6623
1996 Croft10Bev Fawkes969.353.4 Reliant-Cosworth/Swindon GAA Scimitar SE6427
1996 Aintree12Bev Fawkes1148.193.4 Reliant-Cosworth/Swindon GAA Scimitar SE6229
1999 Pembrey3Bev Fawkes997.402.9 Reliant-Ford/TT FBA Scimitar SE6B433
1999 Pembrey4Bev Fawkes1182.062.9 Reliant-Ford/TT FBA Scimitar SE6B235
1999 Kirkistown7Bev Fawkes9125.032.9 Reliant-Ford/TT FBA Scimitar SE6B439
1999 Nutts Corner8Bev Fawkes1091.452.9 Reliant-Ford/TT FBA Scimitar SE6B342
1999 Colerne9Bev Fawkes1078.132.9 Reliant-Ford/TT FBA Scimitar SE6B345
2000 Aintree7Bev Fawkes952.665.2 TVR AJP Tuscan449
2000 Lydden Hill8Bev Fawkes978.565.2 TVR AJP Tuscan453
2000 Kirkistown9Bev Fawkes7118.685.2 TVR AJP Tuscan659
2000 Nutts Corner10Bev Fawkes992.985.2 TVR AJP Tuscan463
2000 Colerne11Bev Fawkes775.404.5 TVR AJP Tuscan669
2000 Aintree12Bev Fawkes445.164.5 TVR AJP Tuscan978
2000 Three Sisters13Bev Fawkes845.314.5 TVR AJP Tuscan583
2001 Croft1Bev Fawkes883.134.5 TVR AJP Tuscan588
2001 Aintree2Bev Fawkes1046.114.5 TVR AJP Tuscan391
2001 Knockhill3Bev Fawkes5112.994.5 TVR AJP Tuscan899
2001 Lydden Hill8Bev Fawkes793.284.5 TVR AJP Tuscan6105
2001 Colerne11Bev Fawkes1076.994.5 TVR AJP Tuscan3108
2001 Aintree12Bev Fawkes744.904.5 TVR AJP Tuscan6114
2001 Three Sisters13Bev Fawkes1246.074.5 TVR AJP Tuscan1115