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Driver summary Dan Pickett

First Year2006
Last Year2008
Number of runoffs20
Best Runoff1
Average Position3.6500

Points Tally Dan Pickett

2006 649
2007 121282
2008 21026

Driver/Car Bio for Dan Pickett

2006 Pembrey6Dan Pickett6103.741.1 Jedi-Yamaha R1 Mk4-04577
2006 Kirkistown9Dan Pickett6119.011.1 Jedi-Yamaha R1 Mk4-045714
2006 Kirkistown10Dan Pickett3105.371.1 Jedi-Yamaha R1 Mk4-0451024
2006 Colerne11Dan Pickett668.821.1 Jedi-Yamaha R1 Mk4-045731
2006 Aintree12Dan Pickett647.091.1 Jedi-Yamaha R1 Mk4-045738
2006 Cadwell Park13Dan Pickett277.051.1 Jedi-Yamaha R1 Mk4-0451149
2007 Croft1Dan Pickett268.733.5 Pilbeam-Judd/J&F EV MP58-091160
2007 Cadwell Park2Dan Pickett172.983.5 Pilbeam-Judd/J&F EV MP58-091272
2007 Pembrey4Dan Pickett294.683.5 Pilbeam-Judd/J&F EV MP58-091183
2007 Pembrey5Dan Pickett342.843.5 Pilbeam-Judd/J&F EV MP58-091093
2007 Anglesey (Intl.)6Dan Pickett178.273.5 Pilbeam-Judd/J&F EV MP58-0912105
2007 Anglesey (Natl.)7Dan Pickett2100.793.5 Pilbeam-Judd/J&F EV MP58-0911116
2007 Lydden Hill8Dan Pickett266.833.5 Pilbeam-Judd/J&F EV MP58-0911127
2007 Snetterton9Dan Pickett253.603.5 Pilbeam-Judd/J&F EV MP58-0911138
2007 Llandow10Dan Pickett268.193.5 Pilbeam-Judd/J&F EV MP58-0911149
2007 Kirkistown11Dan Pickett493.683.5 Pilbeam-Judd/J&F EV MP58-099158
2007 Colerne13Dan Pickett264.353.5 Pilbeam-Judd/J&F EV MP58-0911169
2007 Aintree14Dan Pickett538.583.5 Pilbeam-Judd/J&F EV MP58-098177
2008 Castle Combe2Dan Pickett4171.361.1 Jedi-Yamaha R1 Mk4-0459186
2008 Mallory Park3Dan Pickett1267.351.1 Jedi-Yamaha R1 Mk4-0451187