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Driver summary Dave Cutcliffe

First Year1989
Last Year2019
Number of runoffs62
Best Runoff1
Average Position4.3548

Points Tally Dave Cutcliffe

1989 1717
1990 21112
1991 12
1993 1626
1994 1920
1995 1526
1996 8715
1997 4318
1998 8785
1999 32111
2000 6605
2001 6547
2002 5564
2003 6647
2005 21227
2006 32714
2015 1723
2016 1520
2019 21019

Driver/Car Bio for Dave Cutcliffe

1989 Colerne10Dave Cutcliffe661.931.7 Van Diemen-Ford TC DC89177
1990 Pembrey1Dave Cutcliffe856.631.7 Van Diemen-Ford TC DC90T512
1990 Colerne9Dave Cutcliffe762.751.7 Van Diemen-Ford TC DC90T618
1991 Pembrey1Dave Cutcliffe1156.021.7 Van Diemen-Ford TC DC90T220
1993 Curborough3Dave Cutcliffe731.632.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M626
1994 Colerne5Dave Cutcliffe462.042.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M935
1995 Curborough1Dave Cutcliffe829.282.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M540
1996 Curborough1Dave Cutcliffe528.372.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M848
1996 Colerne4Dave Cutcliffe263.602.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M1159
1996 Pembrey5Dave Cutcliffe373.772.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M1069
1996 Three Sisters7Dave Cutcliffe640.242.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M776
1996 MIRA8Dave Cutcliffe442.062.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M985
1996 Croft10Dave Cutcliffe457.632.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M994
1996 Curborough11Dave Cutcliffe736.442.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M6100
1996 Three Sisters13Dave Cutcliffe245.932.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M11111
1997 Pembrey4Dave Cutcliffe679.962.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M7118
1997 Pembrey5Dave Cutcliffe572.663.5 Roman-Judd CV V8126
1997 Colerne11Dave Cutcliffe669.551.6 Van Diemen-Ford TC DC93M7133
1997 Three Sisters13Dave Cutcliffe440.581.6 Van Diemen-Ford TC DC93M9142
1998 Donington Park1Dave Cutcliffe579.982.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M8150
1998 Pembrey3Dave Cutcliffe346.052.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M10160
1998 Three Sisters5Dave Cutcliffe239.132.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M11171
1998 MIRA8Dave Cutcliffe341.612.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M10181
1998 Kirkistown10Dave Cutcliffe4107.672.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M9190
1998 Nutts Corner11Dave Cutcliffe282.042.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M11201
1998 Colerne12Dave Cutcliffe265.022.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M11212
1998 Three Sisters15Dave Cutcliffe545.232.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M8220
1999 MIRA2Dave Cutcliffe545.742.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M8228
1999 Pembrey3Dave Cutcliffe12103.662.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M1229
1999 Colerne9Dave Cutcliffe164.872.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M12241
2000 Pembrey4Dave Cutcliffe654.482.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M7248
2000 Pembrey5Dave Cutcliffe333.982.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M10258
2000 Curborough6Dave Cutcliffe352.152.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M10268
2000 Lydden Hill8Dave Cutcliffe368.002.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M10278
2000 Colerne11Dave Cutcliffe264.232.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M11289
2000 Three Sisters13Dave Cutcliffe140.172.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M12301
2001 MIRA4Dave Cutcliffe542.352.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M8309
2001 Pembrey5Dave Cutcliffe951.752.0 Van Diemen-Ford Zetec/Dunnell RF96M-22184313
2001 Pembrey6Dave Cutcliffe534.372.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M8321
2001 Curborough7Dave Cutcliffe251.702.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M11332
2001 Colerne11Dave Cutcliffe264.482.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M11343
2001 Three Sisters13Dave Cutcliffe139.872.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M12355
2002 Croft1Dave Cutcliffe473.942.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M9364
2002 Curborough5Dave Cutcliffe251.902.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M11375
2002 Llandow6Dave Cutcliffe177.302.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M12387
2002 Colerne11Dave Cutcliffe164.332.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M12399
2002 Three Sisters13Dave Cutcliffe139.762.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M12411
2003 Croft1Dave Cutcliffe373.712.0 Van Diemen Ford BDG DC93M10421
2003 Pembrey3Dave Cutcliffe346.702.0 Van Diemen Ford BDG DC93M10431
2003 Pembrey4Dave Cutcliffe444.222.0 Van Diemen Ford BDG DC93M9440
2003 Llandow6Dave Cutcliffe269.512.0 Van Diemen Ford BDG DC93M11451
2003 Colerne10Dave Cutcliffe163.632.0 Van Diemen Ford BDG DC93M12463
2003 Three Sisters13Dave Cutcliffe139.682.0 Van Diemen Ford BDG DC93M12475
2005 Pembrey4Dave Cutcliffe347.502.0 Van Diemen-Ford BDG DC93M10485
2005 Colerne11Dave Cutcliffe1174.382.0 Formula Vauxhall Lotus-Vauxhall OVL-0922487
2006 Pembrey6Dave Cutcliffe5102.991.1 OMS-Suzuki GSXR 2000M-1128495
2006 Pembrey7Dave Cutcliffe544.281.1 OMS-Suzuki GSXR 2000M-1128503
2006 Colerne11Dave Cutcliffe267.691.1 OMS-Suzuki GSXR 2000M-11211514
2015 Pembrey6Dave Cutcliffe696.991.3t Van Diemen-Hayabusa DC93M7521
2016 Castle Combe1Dave Cutcliffe0888.881.3t Van Diemen-Hayabusa DC93M13534
2016 Pembrey5Dave Cutcliffe898.391.3t Van Diemen-Hayabusa DC93M5539
2017 Castle Combe1Dave Cutcliffe0888.881.3t Van Diemen-Hayabusa DC93M13552
2019 Castle Combe1Dave Cutcliffe6121.681.3T Van Diement RF937559
2019 Pembrey7Dave Cutcliffe10100.131.3T Van Diement RF933562