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Driver summary John Fellows

First Year1992
Last Year1999
Number of runoffs36
Best Runoff1
Average Position6.4444

Points Tally John Fellows

1992 1330
1993 31319
1994 31911
1995 31513
1996 12
1997 9596
1998 9618
1999 7646

Driver/Car Bio for John Fellows

1992 Curborough3John Fellows1031.084.7 Wraith-Rover/Dakar JE9133
1993 Curborough3John Fellows530.894.7 Wraith-Rover JE91811
1993 Aintree5John Fellows1146.574.7 Wraith-Rover SD1 JE91213
1993 Three Sisters6John Fellows1052.824.7 Wraith-Rover SD1 JE91316
1994 Curborough3John Fellows630.644.7 Wraith-Rover SD1 JE91723
1994 New Brighton6John Fellows552.954.7 Wraith-Rover SD1 JE91831
1994 Aintree7John Fellows944.894.7 Wraith-Rover SD1 JE91435
1995 Curborough1John Fellows1129.574.7 Wraith-Rover SD1 JE91237
1995 New Brighton6John Fellows253.254.7 Wraith-Rover SD1 JE911148
1995 Three Sisters12John Fellows1142.094.7 Wraith-Rover SD1 JE91250
1996 Curborough1John Fellows1129.284.7 Wraith-Rover SD1 JE91252
1997 Curborough1John Fellows829.823.5 Roman-Judd CV V557
1997 MIRA2John Fellows543.813.5 Roman-Judd CV V865
1997 Pembrey4John Fellows781.963.5 Roman-Judd CV V671
1997 Pembrey5John Fellows774.293.5 Roman-Judd CV V677
1997 Curborough6John Fellows568.203.5 Roman-Judd CV V885
1997 Aintree7John Fellows541.923.5 Roman-Judd CV V893
1997 Three Sisters8John Fellows1042.383.5 Roman-Judd CV V396
1997 Aintree12John Fellows538.133.5 Roman-Judd CV V8104
1997 Three Sisters13John Fellows640.623.5 Roman-Judd CV V7111
1998 Pembrey2John Fellows544.633.5 Roman-Judd CV V8119
1998 Pembrey3John Fellows849.093.5 Roman-Judd CV V5124
1998 Aintree4John Fellows537.453.5 Roman-Judd CV V8132
1998 Three Sisters5John Fellows641.423.5 Roman-Judd CV V7139
1998 MIRA8John Fellows541.953.5 Roman-Judd CV V8147
1998 Colerne12John Fellows871.053.5 Roman-Judd CV V5152
1998 Ty Croes13John Fellows1193.553.5 Roman-Judd CV V2154
1998 Aintree14John Fellows436.863.5 Roman-Judd CV V9163
1998 Three Sisters15John Fellows445.193.5 Roman-Judd CV V9172
1999 MIRA2John Fellows946.333.5 Roman-Judd CV V4176
1999 Pembrey3John Fellows284.553.5 Roman-Judd CV V11187
1999 Pembrey4John Fellows470.663.5 Roman-Judd CV V9196
1999 Curborough5John Fellows252.503.5 Roman-Judd CV V11207
1999 Aintree6John Fellows437.913.5 Roman-Judd CV V9216
1999 Aintree11John Fellows136.393.5 Roman-Judd CV V12228
1999 Three Sisters12John Fellows544.003.5 Roman-Judd CV V8236