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Driver summary John Moulds

First Year1995
Last Year1998
Number of runoffs7
Best Runoff2
Average Position5.2857

Points Tally John Moulds

1995 3229
1996 21215
1997 11118
1998 1921

Driver/Car Bio for John Moulds

1995 Curborough1John Moulds529.042.0 Pilbeam-Vauxhall/QED MP62/1088
1995 Curborough10John Moulds438.282.0 Pilbeam-Vauxhall/QED MP62/10917
1995 Aintree11John Moulds844.322.0 Pilbeam-Vauxhall/QED MP62/10522
1996 Curborough1John Moulds1028.832.0 Pilbeam-Vauxhall/QED MP62/10325
1996 Three Sisters13John Moulds446.882.8 Pilbeam-Hart/L&P MP62-12934
1997 Three Sisters13John Moulds240.022.8 Pilbeam-Hart/L&P MP62/121145
1998 Donington Park1John Moulds478.592.8 Pilbeam-Hart/LPE MP62-12954