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Driver summary Keith Walker

First Year1993
Last Year1996
Number of runoffs8
Best Runoff8
Average Position9.6250

Points Tally Keith Walker

1993 3927
1995 1328
1996 41519

Driver/Car Bio for Keith Walker

1993 Curborough1Keith Walker935.411.7 Vision-Ford/Connaught V8544
1993 Ingliston2Keith Walker1048.941.7 Vision-Ford/Connaught V8537
1993 Curborough3Keith Walker1132.011.7 Vision-Ford/Connaught V8529
1995 Aintree7Keith Walker1046.263.5 ATOL-Judd/Connaught EV 95S1312
1996 Pembrey5Keith Walker1086.933.5 ATOL-Judd/Connaught EV 95S1315
1996 Aintree6Keith Walker844.483.5 ATOL-Judd/Connaught EV 95S1520
1996 Three Sisters7Keith Walker1142.953.5 ATOL-Judd/Connaught EV 95S1222
1996 MIRA8Keith Walker844.583.5 ATOL-Judd/Connaught EV 95S1527