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Driver summary Paul Scutt

First Year2002
Last Year2002
Number of runoffs9
Best Runoff3
Average Position7.4444

Points Tally Paul Scutt

2002 95010

Driver/Car Bio for Paul Scutt

2002 Croft1Paul Scutt1083.862.0 Ralt-Ford/Kelly BDG RH43033
2002 MIRA2Paul Scutt1048.362.0 Ralt-Ford/Kelly BDG RH43036
2002 Pembrey3Paul Scutt651.302.0 Ralt-Ford/Kelly BDG RH430713
2002 Pembrey4Paul Scutt1252.602.0 Ralt-Ford/Kelly BDG RH430114
2002 Curborough5Paul Scutt754.792.0 Ralt-Ford/Kelly BDG RH430620
2002 Llandow6Paul Scutt684.622.0 Ralt-Ford/Kelly BDG RH430727
2002 Nutts Corner9Paul Scutt588.022.0 Ralt-Ford/Kelly BDG RH430835
2002 Nutts Corner10Paul Scutt388.792.0 Ralt-Ford/Kelly BDG RH4301045
2002 Aintree12Paul Scutt842.322.0 Ralt-Ford/Kelly BDG RH430550