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Driver summary Peter Kukainis

First Year1997
Last Year2000
Number of runoffs5
Best Runoff8
Average Position9.8000

Points Tally Peter Kukainis

1997 1327
2000 41328

Driver/Car Bio for Peter Kukainis

1997 Nutts Corner10Peter Kukainis10100.172.0 Westfield-Cosworth SE33
2000 Croft1Peter Kukainis888.982.0 Westfield-Cosworth SE58
2000 Pembrey4Peter Kukainis1061.172.0 Westfield-Cosworth SE311
2000 Pembrey5Peter Kukainis1141.862.0 Westfield-Cosworth SE213
2000 Curborough6Peter Kukainis1062.442.0 Westfield-Cosworth SE316