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Driver summary Richard Arrowsmith

First Year1997
Last Year2016
Number of runoffs9
Best Runoff10
Average Position11.4444

Points Tally Richard Arrowsmith

1997 12
1998 2431
2014 1126
2015 3326
2016 2421

Driver/Car Bio for Richard Arrowsmith

1997 Pembrey5Richard Arrowsmith1181.191.1 Jedi-Suzuki GSXR Mk4/3322
1998 Knockhill7Richard Arrowsmith12156.641.1 Jedi-Suzuki GSXR Mk4/3313
1998 Ty Croes13Richard Arrowsmith1092.971.1 Jedi-Suzuki GSXR Mk4/3336
2014 Lydden Hill3Richard Arrowsmith1276.701.0 Force-JEBS Suzuki GSXR IJD-PC-001?17
2015 Anglesey (Natl.)9Richard Arrowsmith12107.681.0 Force-JEBS Suzuki GSXR IJD-PC-001?18
2015 Knockhill (ACW)10Richard Arrowsmith12110.501.0 Force-JEBS Suzuki GSXR IJD-PC-001?19
2015 Knockhill (CW)11Richard Arrowsmith12111.571.0 Force-JEBS Suzuki GSXR IJD-PC-001?110
2016 Anglesey (Intl.)7Richard Arrowsmith1188.801.0 Force-JEBS Suzuki GSXR IJD-PC-001?212
2016 Anglesey (Natl.)8Richard Arrowsmith11129.251.0 Force-JEBS Suzuki GSXR IJD-PC-001?214