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Driver summary Roger Kilty

First Year1992
Last Year2005
Number of runoffs60
Best Runoff1
Average Position2.8167

Points Tally Roger Kilty

1992 12
1993 8526
1994 10992
1995 4406
1996 91032
1997 131521
1998 91081
1999 12
2000 3358
2001 11220
2005 1638

Driver/Car Bio for Roger Kilty

1992 Aintree8Roger Kilty1151.921.6 Van Diemen RF85 FF160022
1993 Curborough1Roger Kilty634.471.6 Chevron-Ford/Beattie BDA B49-79-0179
1993 Ingliston2Roger Kilty546.301.6 Chevron-Ford/Beattie BDA B49-79-01817
1993 New Brighton4Roger Kilty652.831.6 Chevron-Ford/Beattie BDA B49-79-01724
1993 Aintree5Roger Kilty1046.041.6 Chevron-Ford/Beattie BDA B49-79-01327
1993 Three Sisters6Roger Kilty351.011.6 Chevron-Ford/Beattie BDA B49-79-011037
1993 Kirkistown7Roger Kilty561.751.6 Chevron-Ford/Beattie BDA B49-79-01845
1993 Colerne8Roger Kilty868.241.6 Chevron-Ford/Beattie BDA B49-79-01550
1993 Aintree10Roger Kilty945.861.6 Chevron-Ford/Beattie BDA B49-79-01454
1994 Curborough1Roger Kilty429.572.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP40/01963
1994 Ingliston2Roger Kilty181.222.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP40/011275
1994 Curborough3Roger Kilty328.812.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP40/011085
1994 Jurby4Roger Kilty259.042.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP40/011196
1994 Colerne5Roger Kilty362.002.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP40/0110106
1994 Aintree7Roger Kilty642.222.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP40/017113
1994 Three Sisters8Roger Kilty148.982.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP40/0112125
1994 Kirkistown9Roger Kilty461.402.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP40/019134
1994 Aintree10Roger Kilty641.792.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP40/017141
1994 Three Sisters11Roger Kilty139.812.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP40/0112153
1995 Pembrey5Roger Kilty447.542.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP40/019162
1995 Three Sisters8Roger Kilty138.702.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP40/0112174
1995 Aintree11Roger Kilty542.372.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP408182
1995 Three Sisters12Roger Kilty239.072.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP40/0111193
1996 Colerne4Roger Kilty365.423.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4710203
1996 Pembrey5Roger Kilty273.463.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4711214
1996 Aintree6Roger Kilty240.643.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4711225
1996 Three Sisters7Roger Kilty138.083.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4712237
1996 MIRA8Roger Kilty140.443.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4712249
1996 Croft10Roger Kilty256.743.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4711260
1996 Curborough11Roger Kilty134.083.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4712272
1996 Aintree12Roger Kilty138.903.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4712284
1996 Three Sisters13Roger Kilty145.643.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4712296
1997 Curborough1Roger Kilty228.243.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4711307
1997 MIRA2Roger Kilty140.023.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4712319
1997 Lydden Hill3Roger Kilty165.103.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4712331
1997 Pembrey4Roger Kilty171.563.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4712343
1997 Pembrey5Roger Kilty167.303.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4712355
1997 Curborough6Roger Kilty161.523.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4712367
1997 Aintree7Roger Kilty138.593.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4712379
1997 Three Sisters8Roger Kilty139.053.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4712391
1997 Kirkistown9Roger Kilty1102.013.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4712403
1997 Nutts Corner10Roger Kilty180.913.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4712415
1997 Colerne11Roger Kilty163.263.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4712427
1997 Aintree12Roger Kilty437.303.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP479436
1997 Three Sisters13Roger Kilty139.023.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4712448
1998 Donington Park1Roger Kilty176.403.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4712460
1998 Aintree4Roger Kilty135.463.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4712472
1998 Three Sisters5Roger Kilty139.003.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4712484
1998 Knockhill7Roger Kilty1115.543.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4712496
1998 MIRA8Roger Kilty140.943.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4712508
1998 Lydden Hill9Roger Kilty165.893.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4712520
1998 Kirkistown10Roger Kilty199.793.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4712532
1998 Nutts Corner11Roger Kilty179.103.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4712544
1998 Colerne12Roger Kilty163.243.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4712556
1999 MIRA2Roger Kilty1147.523.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFR/LPE MP472558
2000 Croft1Roger Kilty168.393.5 Lola-Cosworth DFR T91/5012570
2000 MIRA3Roger Kilty245.703.5 Lola-Cosworth DFR T91/5011581
2000 Aintree7Roger Kilty143.243.5 Lola-Cosworth DFR T91/5012593
2001 Croft1Roger Kilty169.733.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth/L&P DFR MP4712605
2005 Snetterton2Roger Kilty779.783.0 Reynard-Cosworth/NME AC 93D-0086611