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Driver summary Russ Pickering

First Year1995
Last Year1997
Number of runoffs13
Best Runoff2
Average Position6.4615

Points Tally Russ Pickering

1995 852
1996 32211
1997 21121

Driver/Car Bio for Russ Pickering

1995 Jurby3Russ Pickering453.442.5 Ralt-Hart/Beattie RT36-96999
1995 Pembrey5Russ Pickering648.492.5 Ralt-Hart/Beattie RT36-969716
1995 Aintree7Russ Pickering643.292.5 Ralt-Hart/Beattie RT36-969723
1995 Three Sisters8Russ Pickering640.852.5 Ralt-Hart/Beattie RT36-969730
1995 Kirkistown9Russ Pickering759.352.5 Ralt-Hart/Beattie RT36-969636
1995 Curborough10Russ Pickering639.162.5 Ralt-Hart/Beattie RT36-969743
1995 Aintree11Russ Pickering744.112.5 Ralt-Hart/Beattie RT36-969649
1995 Three Sisters12Russ Pickering1042.012.5 Ralt-Hart/Beattie RT36-969352
1996 Curborough1Russ Pickering828.632.5 Ralt-Hart/Beattie RT36-969557
1996 Jurby3Russ Pickering2126.112.5 Ralt-Hart/Beattie RT36-9691168
1996 Colerne4Russ Pickering769.442.5 Ralt-Hart/Beattie RT36-969674
1997 Kirkistown9Russ Pickering9112.222.0 Ralt-Ford/Cosworth YB RH430478
1997 Nutts Corner10Russ Pickering686.682.0 Ralt-Ford/Cosworth YB RH430785