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Anglesey (Natl.)

Drivers best run-off times at venue

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Anglesey (Natl.)John Graham2.0 Dallara-Opel/Pride F397-3845.78
Anglesey (Natl.)Matt Hillam2.0 Dallara-SBD Vauxhall F399/001-05845.81
Anglesey (Natl.)Steve Broughton1.3s OMS/Jade-Suzuki Hyabusa/SBD CF08-120?46.14
Anglesey (Natl.)Stewart Robb3.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFR/Connaught MP58-0546.30
Anglesey (Natl.)Steve Miles2.0 Van Diemen-Ford Zetec/Dunnell RF96M-221846.53
Anglesey (Natl.)Nick Algar1.3 DJ-Suzuki Hyabusa Firehawk CT00346.62
Anglesey (Natl.)Colin Calder3.5 Gould-NME XB GR55-0146.65
Anglesey (Natl.)Terry Holmes3.5 Lola-Judd Swindon CV T90/50 HU03 ERH46.86
Anglesey (Natl.)Alan Mugglestone2.0 Van Diemen RF96mm46.92
Anglesey (Natl.)Pete Goulding1.6T Mygale FF200 SJ01/011 2012 EcoBoost47.20
Anglesey (Natl.)Graham Blackwell1.6T Mygale FF200 SJ01/014 2013 EcoBoost47.76
Anglesey (Natl.)Steve Brown1.5 JKS RLM Suzuki JR01-00548.21
Anglesey (Natl.)Mike Musson4.0 Pilbeam-Judd KV4 MP97-0148.40
Anglesey (Natl.)Chris Jones1.0 Force-Suzuki TA48.46
Anglesey (Natl.)Robert Tonge1.4 Force TA IJD00848.47
Anglesey (Natl.)Mark Smith2.0 Reynard-Vauxhall/Swindon 903-05548.55
Anglesey (Natl.)John Loudon1.1 Force HC48.61
Anglesey (Natl.)Graham Porrett3.5 Lola-Judd Swindon CV T90/50 HU03 ERH49.01
Anglesey (Natl.)Simon Bainbridge4.2t SBR Crono49.02
Anglesey (Natl.)Tony Jarvis2.0 Dallara-Vauxhall/Connaught F399-02549.04
Anglesey (Natl.)Terry Graves3.5 Gould-Cosworth DFR GR37-0349.10
Anglesey (Natl.)Colin Birkbeck2.0 Dallara-Vauxhall/Pride F301-01049.13
Anglesey (Natl.)Gary Thomas1.4 Force-Hayabusa/Extreme Engines PC-02749.77
Anglesey (Natl.)Grahame Harden1.1 Jedi-Yamaha R1 Mk 6-10849.88
Anglesey (Natl.)Martin Webb2.0 Formula Vauxhall Lotus-Vauxhall OVL-09250.06
Anglesey (Natl.)Glyn Sketchley1.6 Force-Suzuki Hyabusa PT1600-019?50.14
Anglesey (Natl.)Matt Carter1.4 Radical- Suzuki Hayabusa/RPE PR6-005150.70
Anglesey (Natl.)Simon Wallis1.1 OMS 3000M 17850.78
Anglesey (Natl.)Scott Pillinger1.3s DSP-Suzuki Hayabusa/SBD51.47
Anglesey (Natl.)Carole Torkington1.6 OMS/Jade-Suzuki Hyabusa/SBD CF08-120?51.66
Anglesey (Natl.)Mark Anson1.0 Jedi- Barrow Suzuki Mk1-90/01751.68
Anglesey (Natl.)Bill Gouldthorpe1.6 OMS/Jade-Suzuki Hyabusa/SBD CF08-120?52.73
Anglesey (Natl.)Jim Belt3.0 Juno-Jaguar TR400-002252.81
Anglesey (Natl.)Jeff Wiltshire1.5T Zeus Challenger Evo II Sportscar54.05
Anglesey (Natl.)Alex Summers2.5 AFS P4t54.41
Anglesey (Natl.)Nicholas Scott1.6 Force TA IJD00459.79
Anglesey (Natl.)Stephen Mallet1.3 Radical PR669.14
Anglesey (Natl.)Heather Calder3.5 Gould-NME XB GR55-0194.82
Anglesey (Natl.)Craig Sampson2.0 SBD Reynard-Duratec DB Mk 195.34
Anglesey (Natl.)Ross Napier3.5 Gould/Ralt-Cosworth DFR/LPE GR37/0597.52
Anglesey (Natl.)Michael Connolly4.0 Gould-Judd/J & F EV GR37-0297.71
Anglesey (Natl.)Dan Pickett3.5 Pilbeam-Judd/J&F EV MP58-09100.79
Anglesey (Natl.)Simon Keen2.0 Dallara-TKD F302-008101.11
Anglesey (Natl.)Bradley Hobday1.0 Jedi-Suzuki GSXR K8 Mk4- 048101.98
Anglesey (Natl.)Tom Potter1.0 Jedi-Sukuki GSXR/PDQ Mk4-083104.22
Anglesey (Natl.)Phil Lynch3.2 Ralt-Judd/Connaught BV RT36-969104.39
Anglesey (Natl.)Scott Rayson6.8 Chevy Special105.40
Anglesey (Natl.)Matt Oliver4.0 Gould-Judd/Connaught CV GR37-06105.83
Anglesey (Natl.)John Payne3.2 Ralt-Judd/Connaught BV RT36-969105.90
Anglesey (Natl.)David Sims2.0 Ralt-Duratec/SRD RT33/4-SF1105.91
Anglesey (Natl.)Kevin Lealan2.0 Formula Vauxhall Lotus-Vauxhall OVL-092106.09
Anglesey (Natl.)Richard Arrowsmith1.0 Force-JEBS Suzuki GSXR IJD-PC-001?107.68
Anglesey (Natl.)Tony Ellis2.0 Megapin-Duratec 31-07?109.94
Anglesey (Natl.)Emma Williams2.0 Ralt-Honda Mugen/Connaught RT36-956110.75
Anglesey (Natl.)Andy Potter1.0 Jedi-Sukuki GSXR/PDQ Mk4-083110.87
Anglesey (Natl.)Colin Metcalfe2.0 Nissan Primera139.33

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