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Drivers best run-off times at venue

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BlackpoolPaul Edwards1.8 Brabham-Cosworth/Langford BDE BT315.96
BlackpoolKen Ayers3.0 March-Cosworth DFV 79S16.23
BlackpoolChris Hill2.5 Chevron-Hart B40-77-0816.45
BlackpoolTerry Clifford2.5 Toleman-Hart TG280H-C516.46
BlackpoolDavid Render3.0 Lotus-Cosworth DFV 76-2 JPS1016.47
BlackpoolClive Bracey7.6 Vebra-Chevrolet Mk116.53
BlackpoolNigel Bigwood3.4 March-Ford GA V6 76A-1/78A16.91
BlackpoolRichard Ames2.2 March-Hart 752/78216.95
BlackpoolJackie Harris2.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/416.99
BlackpoolJohn Gray2.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP57/0217.42
BlackpoolDavid Franklin2.0 March-BMW/Euroracing 782-917.59
BlackpoolPeter Harper1.7 Mallock U2-Ford/Chamberlain Mk21/24B17.61
BlackpoolRoy Woodhouse3.5t March-Rover SD1 772-6/78217.69
BlackpoolRod Fisher2.0 Lola-Ford BDA T45017.80
BlackpoolSimon Riley3.0 Brabham-Cosworth DFV BT33/317.87
BlackpoolTerry Smith5.7 McLaren-Chevrolet M14D/118.10
BlackpoolMark Haynes1.7 Mallock U2-Ford Mk23/2418.37
BlackpoolMartin Chittenden1.6 Chevron-Ford BDA B25-73-0818.71
BlackpoolAllan Humphries2.1 March-Hart 76218.89
BlackpoolMark Williams3.3 Hesketh-Cosworth DFV 308E/1-218.89
BlackpoolMartin Brockhouse1.6 Ralt-Ford/Hart BDA RT118.91
BlackpoolMalcolm Orme2.0 Chevron-Ford BDG B3819.07
BlackpoolJohn McCartneyFelday-BRM 519.07
BlackpoolRay Rowan2.0 March-Ford/Swindon BDX 74219.13
BlackpoolJohn Meredith5.0 March-Repco 740 75A-1/76119.32
BlackpoolRoy Lane2.6 Pilbeam-BMW M12 MP42/5019.36
BlackpoolTony Marsh4.5t March-Rovercraft/Rover SD1 792/82219.38
BlackpoolJonty Williamson5.0 McLaren-Chevrolet M10A-300-08/B19.58
BlackpoolDave Harris3.0 Lotus-Cosworth DFV 76-2 JPS1019.94
BlackpoolRichard Lester1.6 March-Ford 722-5/73B20.11
BlackpoolAlan Payne3.4 March-Ford GA 761 V620.14
BlackpoolAlan Newton1.6 Huron-Ford/Cosworth FVA SS02A20.26
BlackpoolColin Cordy3.5 Martin-Rover SD1 BM1820.53
BlackpoolRay Harper1.7 Mallock U2-Ford/Chamberlain Mk21/24B21.05
BlackpoolKeith Cox5.0 Leda-Chevrolet LT25-00121.10
BlackpoolPat Donnelly1.6 Hawke-Ford DL1921.34
BlackpoolPeter Riley1.6 March-Cosworth FVA 722P21.39
BlackpoolPeter Robinson1.6 Brabham-Ford/Robinson BDA BT29X-3721.95
BlackpoolMichael Radigan1.7 Mallock U2-Ford Mk20C21.99
BlackpoolPhil Ducker1.6 GRD-Ford BDA 373-05923.08
BlackpoolJohn Ravenscroft1.6 Brabham-Ford BT21A-923.26
BlackpoolLes Edmunds1.6 GRD-Ford BDA 273-05423.34
BlackpoolDavid Duerden3.0 Reynard-Cosworth/Smith DFV 88D23.94
BlackpoolGeoff Inglis1.5s Brabham-Ford TC BT14 FL-2-65/2124.27
BlackpoolJohn Taylor3.0 Brabham-Ford BT16/21B V625.48
BlackpoolArthur Hinds1.6 Mallock U2-Ford/Vegantune TC Mk8B25.64
BlackpoolAllan Staniforth1.3 Terrapin-BMC Mk7B25.74
BlackpoolTony Harrison4.7 Lola-Ford T70L Mk2 SL71/2327.17
BlackpoolKevin Hodgkinson1.1 Chevron-Ford/Cosworth BDJ B17-70-028.04
BlackpoolJohn King1.2 Landar-BMC R628.45
BlackpoolJohn Chilton1.6 Wee-Ford29.14
BlackpoolJohn Stonard1.6 JAS/Piranha-Ford TC29.62
BlackpoolArthur Ravenscroft1.6 Brabham-Ford BT21A-9888.88

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