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BrightonJohn Gray2.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP57/028.90
BrightonChris Hill1.7 Mallock U2-Ford/NM Mk24B9.49
BrightonKen Ayers1.6 March-Ford BDA 752/76B9.54
BrightonLes Edmunds1.6 Royale-Ford TC RP11A/X10.23
BrightonClive Harris2.0 Martin-Chevrolet Vega BM1610.54
BrightonMike Brabrook-Norman1.7 Mallock U2-Ford Mk20/2411.68
BrightonPaul Edwards1.8 Brabham-Cosworth/Langford BDE BT314.97
BrightonClive Bracey7.6s Vebra-Chevrolet Mk114.98
BrightonDavid Render3.0 Lotus-Cosworth DFV 76-2 JPS1015.42
BrightonNigel Bigwood3.4 March-Ford GA V6 76A-1/78A15.59
BrightonTerry Smith5.0 Brabham-Repco 740 BT36X-215.73
BrightonRoy Woodhouse3.5t March-Rover SD1 772-6/782?15.76
BrightonTony Marsh4.0t March-Rovercraft/Rover SD1 792/82216.19
BrightonAlan Payne3.4 March-Ford GA 761 V616.20
BrightonJohn Meredith5.0 March-Repco 740 75A-1/76116.20
BrightonMike Hall5.0 Trojan-Chevrolet/Morand T101-10516.22
BrightonJackie Harris2.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP58H/0216.32
BrightonPhil Prince5.0 McRae-Chevrolet GM1-01216.36
BrightonRichard Ames2.5 Toleman-Hart TG280H-C516.40
BrightonTerry Clifford2.5 Toleman-Hart TG280H-C516.48
BrightonJonty Williamson5.7 McLaren-Chevrolet M14A/216.57
BrightonDavid Franklin2.0 March-BMW M12 772-10/78216.61
BrightonJonathan Toulmin1.6 Elfin-Lotus TC 600B-701816.66
BrightonRay Rowan2.0 March-Ford/Swindon BDX 74216.70
BrightonRoy Lane5.0 McRae-Chevrolet GM1-01216.86
BrightonRodney Eyles2.5 March-Hart 772-10/78217.19
BrightonDave Harris5.0 McRae-Chevrolet GM1-01217.48
BrightonNoel le Tissier5.7 Chevron-Chevrolet B32-75-0117.65
BrightonAntony Barry3.4 March-Ford GA 76A-1/78A17.67
BrightonColin Cordy1.6 Martin-Ford BDA BM1817.70
BrightonAlan Richards5.0 Surtees-Chevrolet/Smith TS8-0717.77
BrightonSteve Jewell2.0 Chevron-Hart B48-79-0117.80
BrightonJohn Knapton4.2 Lola-Rover T87/50 HU0718.09
BrightonPaul Knapton4.2 Lola-Rover T87/50 HU0718.13
BrightonSimon Riley3.0 Brabham-Cosworth DFV BT33/318.28
BrightonMartin Chittenden1.6 GRD-Ford BDA 373-05918.32
BrightonMike Lane1.6 Lola-Ford BDA T46018.60
BrightonStuart Ridge1.6 Chevron-Ford BDA B42-78-14/B4818.61
BrightonAdrian Moores3.9 March-Buick 792-2118.69
BrightonDavid Keer3.9 Coogar-Rover RT1-0218.85
BrightonJonathan Skinner1.6 Lola-Ford BDA T46018.93
BrightonPeter Harper1.7 Vision-Ford/Beattie V86H19.06
BrightonMartin Brockhouse1.6 Ralt-Ford/Hart BDA RT119.11
BrightonKeith Payne1.7 Mallock U2-Ford Mk1419.21
BrightonErwin Lyndsay1.6 Elfin-Lotus TC 600B-701819.24
BrightonKeith Cox2.0 March-Ford BDG 782-5/79B19.33
BrightonPhil Ducker1.6 GRD-Ford BDA HS85/119.81
BrightonGodfrey Crompton5.0 Leda-Chevrolet LT25-00119.91
BrightonAllan Humphries2.1 March-Hart 76219.93
BrightonKevin Staples1.6 Ralt-Ford BDA RT320.81
BrightonIan Cameron1.6 Ralt-Ford/Beattie RT321.02
BrightonMark Haynes1.7 Mallock U2-Ford/Beattie Mk16/1821.22
BrightonBob MarslandChevron B26-74-0221.50
BrightonTony Bunker1.7 Mallock U2-Ford Mk21/2421.95
BrightonGlenn Dudley2.0 Lola-Ford Pinto T492 S200022.18
BrightonJohn Page1.5 Ensign-Lotus TC LNF3-7322.46
BrightonPeter Fisk1.6 March-Ford BDA 70222.58
BrightonCliff Colwell1.0 Terrapin-Kawasaki22.63
BrightonSteve Raine1.6 Chevron-Ford BDA B45-78-04/4826.47

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