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Drivers best run-off times at venue

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BruntingthorpeRichard Ames2.5 Chevron-Hart B40-77-0851.15
BruntingthorpeRodney Eyles2.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/451.77
BruntingthorpeDavid Render2.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP50/0153.73
BruntingthorpeChris Hill1.7 Mallock U2-Ford/NM Mk24B53.82
BruntingthorpeJohn Page1.5 Ensign-Ford/Lotus TC LNF3-7355.98
BruntingthorpeStuart Ridge1.6 Chevron-Ford BDA B45-78-04/4856.03
BruntingthorpePaul Edwards3.3 TechCraft/March-Cosworth DFL 79S/86S56.59
BruntingthorpeMalcolm Orme1.6 Chevron-Ford BDA B3858.63
BruntingthorpeTony Street1.6 Chevron-Ford BDA B3859.95
BruntingthorpePhil Ducker1.6 GRD-Ford BDA HS85/173.08

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