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Carnaby Two

Drivers best run-off times at venue

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Carnaby TwoMartin Dowling3.5 Reynard Judd 88D-0293.36
Carnaby TwoStuart Webster3.5 Reynard Judd 88D-0295.99
Carnaby TwoMike Musson2.0 Force Dual-Suzuki GSXR PT01196.41
Carnaby TwoTerry Holmes2.0 Reynard-Ford YB SF84-22296.57
Carnaby TwoGraham Porrett2.0 Reynard-Ford YB SF84-22298.08
Carnaby TwoJohn Sampson5.0 Quantum-Rover SD1 Xtreme S3-053101.83
Carnaby TwoRoy Sims1.2 Magnum 843-03104.08
Carnaby TwoDavid Sims1.2 Magnum 843-03105.33
Carnaby TwoBrian Woffenden1.6 Ralt-Rover/Wiltshire Warrior K RT30-615107.14
Carnaby TwoPeter Howgate1.6 Ralt-Rover/Wiltshire Warrior K RT30-615110.09
Carnaby TwoSue Griffiths2.0 Chevron-Millington B47-79-08117.69

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