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New Brighton

Drivers best run-off times at venue

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New BrightonPaul Edwards3.0 March-Cosworth DFV 741-142.19
New BrightonTerry Clifford2.5 Toleman-Hart TG280H-C542.63
New BrightonKen Ayers5.7 Chevron-Chevrolet B32-75-0142.77
New BrightonNigel Bigwood2.0 Toleman-Hart TG28042.78
New BrightonDavid Render2.8 Lola-Hart T560-HU0242.90
New BrightonChris Hill2.5 Chevron-Hart B40-77-0842.95
New BrightonJackie Harris2.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/443.45
New BrightonRoy Woodhouse3.5t March-Rover SD1 772-6/782?44.54
New BrightonPeter Harper1.7 Mallock U2-Ford/Chamberlain Mk21/24B44.98
New BrightonStuart Ridge1.6 Chevron-Ford/Cosworth BDM B42-78-14/B4845.41
New BrightonJohn Gray2.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP57/0247.59
New BrightonRay Rowan1.6 Chevron-Ford/PMED BDA B42-78-14/B448.01
New BrightonRodney Eyles2.5 March-Hart 772-10/78248.66
New BrightonRichard Ames2.5 Chevron-Hart B40-77-0849.36
New BrightonTony Marsh4.5t March-Rovercraft/Rover SD1 792/82249.45
New BrightonSteve Jewell1.6 Modus-Ford/Hart BDA M4-011-SH49.71
New BrightonRuss Ward4.5 Chevron-Rover/TVR SD1 B42-17/1849.77
New BrightonPatrick Wood2.5 Ralt-Hart/L&P RT4-82-15750.72
New BrightonJohn Garnett3.5 Lola-Cosworth DFR T90/50-HU2851.07
New BrightonRoger Kilty1.6 Chevron-Ford/Beattie BDA B49-79-0152.83
New BrightonJohn Fellows4.7 Wraith-Rover SD1 JE9152.95
New BrightonClive Harris2.0 Martin-Chevrolet Vega BM1653.10
New BrightonBarry Groombridge1.6 Modus-Ford/Hart BDA M4-011-SH53.42
New BrightonRob Welch1.7 Vision-Ford/Chamberlain V8553.49
New BrightonPhil Ducker1.6 GRD-Ford BDA 373-05953.64
New BrightonMalcolm Orme2.0 Chevron-Ford BDA B3853.68
New BrightonJonathan Toulmin1.6 Elfin-Lotus TC 600B-701853.77
New BrightonPeter Griffiths2.0 Chevron-Millington B47-79-0853.77
New BrightonJohn Payne1.6 Lant-Ford BDA RT4 RR-83-0254.86
New BrightonMartin Chittenden1.6 GRD-Ford BDA 373-05954.93
New BrightonPat Donnelly2.0 OMS-Ford Pinto 90/455.03
New BrightonMichael Radigan1.7 Mallock U2-Ford Mk20C55.51
New BrightonBob Prest1.7 Mallock U2-Ford BDA Mk20B 70-20B-0656.13
New BrightonMike Lane1.6 Lola-Ford BDA T46056.14
New BrightonTony Cotton2.0 Ralt-Toyota RT1-02756.66
New BrightonMark Haynes1.7 Mallock U2-Ford/Beattie Mk16/1857.18
New BrightonPeter Riley1.6 March-Cosworth FVA 722P-2957.63
New BrightonColin Cordy3.5 Martin-Rover SD1 BM1857.89
New BrightonLes Edmunds1.6 March-Ford BDA 782-12/79258.23
New BrightonGraham Easter1.6 GRD-Ford BDA HS85/159.18
New BrightonStuart Harte2.3 Chevron-Hart B29-75-0660.51
New BrightonDick Foden0.25 Motus-Bultaco Mk 766.03

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