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Ramsey Road

Drivers best run-off times at venue

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Ramsey RoadKen Ayers3.9 Lyncar-Cosworth DFL MS84-LA78-1148.04
Ramsey RoadPaul Edwards3.3 TechCraft/March-Cosworth DFL 79S/86S48.06
Ramsey RoadRoy Lane5.0 McRae-Chevrolet GM1-01248.45
Ramsey RoadNigel Bigwood2.0 Toleman-Hart TG28048.69
Ramsey RoadChris Hill1.7 Mallock U2-Ford/NM Mk24B49.04
Ramsey RoadRichard Ames2.5 Chevron-Hart B40-77-0849.14
Ramsey RoadRay Rowan2.5 Toleman-Hart TG280H-C549.37
Ramsey RoadDavid Render2.8 Lola-Hart T560-HU0249.42
Ramsey RoadTerry Clifford2.5 Toleman-Hart TG280H-C549.77
Ramsey RoadRoy Woodhouse3.5t March-Rover SD1 772-6/78251.86
Ramsey RoadPeter Harper1.7 Vision-Ford/Beattie V86H52.71
Ramsey RoadStuart Ridge1.6 Chevron-Ford BDA B42-78-14/B4852.84
Ramsey RoadBarry Groombridge1.6 Mallock U2-Ford/Lotus/Willis TC Mk1653.70
Ramsey RoadStuart Harte2.3 Chevron-Hart B29-75-0654.05
Ramsey RoadMarcus Pye1.6 Modus-Ford/Hart BDA M4-011-SH54.27
Ramsey RoadMike Lane1.6 Lola-Ford BDA T46054.82
Ramsey RoadRob Welch1.7 Vision-Ford/Chamberlain V8555.70
Ramsey RoadColin Cordy3.5 Martin-Rover SD1 BM1855.79
Ramsey RoadIan Cameron1.6 Ralt-Ford/Beattie RT357.66
Ramsey RoadRobin Boucher1.1 Brabham-Ford/Holbay MAE BT2162.97
Ramsey RoadJonathan Toulmin1.6 Elfin-Lotus TC 600B-701868.08

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