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Ty Croes

Drivers best run-off times at venue

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Ty CroesRodney Eyles3.5 Lola-Judd CV T90/50-HU2881.04
Ty CroesMark Harrison2.8 Pilbeam-Hart/Beattie MP57/0281.25
Ty CroesTony Eyles3.5 Lola-Judd CV T90/50-HU2881.46
Ty CroesSteve Liptrott2.0 Ralt-Ford/Kelly BDG RH43083.01
Ty CroesCarl Amos3.5 Lola-Cosworth DFR T90/5083.72
Ty CroesJames Belton1.1 Megapin-Suzuki NSR19784.56
Ty CroesJohn Garnett3.5 Reynard-Cosworth/Gardner DFR 92D88.04
Ty CroesTony Marsh3.5 Gould/Ralt-Cosworth/L&P DFR GR37/0588.28
Ty CroesNeville Moon2.0 Reynard-Ford/Dunnell Zetec SF79-06289.93
Ty CroesTony Wiltshire1.6 Ralt-Rover/Wiltshire Warrior K RT30-61590.67
Ty CroesPeter Howgate1.6 Reynard-Ford SF79-06391.85
Ty CroesAlan Newton3.5 Pilbeam-Cosworth DFR MP58-0592.96
Ty CroesRichard Arrowsmith1.1 Jedi-Suzuki GSXR Mk4/3392.97
Ty CroesJohn Fellows3.5 Roman-Judd CV V93.55
Ty CroesDavid Bailey1.6 Swift-Ford/Bold SC93F-HRD930293.57
Ty CroesTina Moon2.0 Reynard-Ford/Dunnell Zetec SF79-06295.01
Ty CroesPeter Tyler5.0 Triumph TR895.61

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