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Raspberry Pi Project Page - Pi Ghost Car Indicator

Last Updated on May 13 2020

Pi Ghost Car Indicator

I'm developing a Ghost Car Indicator for the race car. This will give me a visual indication if I am faster or slower than a previous best time around the circuit. Just like you can race the Ghost Car on Mario Kart, you'll get an indication if you are on for a new PB.

So how do we go about building a Pi Ghost Car Indicator?

We need a Pi3 or later. And a BerryGPS board, which has a uBlox CAM-M8 GPS chip capable of 18 Hz updates. And for the display, at the moment I'm using the rainbow LED HAT to indicate performance. Both the BerryGPS-IMU and the Rainbow HAT are connected to the Pi3 using a ribbon cable (DIL Header).

The LED HAT is made by Allo, and their page can be found here
The GPS Board is marketed by OZZMAKER.COM and can be found here

The datasheet for the uBlox CAM-M8 is here


The first thing I found is that the BerryGPS board isnt a modem so doesnt support the old AT codes that the Waveshare GPS board used. The BerryGPS instead uses a preamble of $PUBX and doesnt return an OK. So far I've managed to set the baud rate to 115200, and the updates to 18Hz, and the results are looking good at the moment.