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Driver/Car Bio for 3.5 Gould GR55B

2019 Anglesey (Natl.)2John Graham145.953.5 Gould GR55B1212
2019 Anglesey (Intl.)3John Graham176.343.5 Gould GR55B1224
2019 Blyton Park (E.)5John Graham1066.093.5 Gould GR55B327
2019 Blyton Park (OTR)6John Graham957.443.5 Gould GR55B431
2019 Pembrey7John Graham697.423.5 Gould GR55B738
2019 Pembrey (New)8John Graham4105.573.5 Gould GR55B947
2019 Aintree9John Graham237.363.5 Gould GR55B1158
2019 Lydden Hill10John Graham264.793.5 Gould GR55B1169
2019 Kirkistown11John Graham1117.863.5 Gould GR55B1281
2019 Kirkistown12John Graham2111.553.5 Gould GR55B1192
2019 Knockhill (ACW)13John Graham186.503.5 Gould GR55B12104
2019 Knockhill (CW)14John Graham290.303.5 Gould GR55B11115
2019 Anglesey (Natl.)16John Graham347.133.5 Gould GR55B10125
2019 Anglesey (Intl.)17John Graham175.173.5 Gould GR55B12137
2021 Blyton Park (E.)1John Graham1169.683.5 Gould GR55B15152
2021 Pembrey (Natl.)5John Graham498.063.5 Gould GR55B22174
2021 Pembrey (Club)7John Graham2106.613.5 Gould GR55B24198
2021 Pembrey (Club)8John Graham3108.353.5 Gould GR55B23221
2021 Snetterton9John Graham583.673.5 Gould GR55B21242
2021 Snetterton10John Graham884.063.5 Gould GR55B18260
2021 Snetterton11John Graham885.173.5 Gould GR55B18278
2021 Snetterton12John Graham984.293.5 Gould GR55B17295