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Driver summary Barry Groombridge

First Year1986
Last Year1991
Number of runoffs20
Best Runoff5
Average Position8.2500

Points Tally Barry Groombridge

1986 51816
1987 94910
1988 21118
1989 21113
1991 2623

Driver/Car Bio for Barry Groombridge

1986 Pembrey1Barry Groombridge946.511.6 Mallock U2-Ford/Lotus/Willis TC Mk1644
1986 Colerne3Barry Groombridge1062.581.6 Mallock U2-Ford/Lotus/Willis TC Mk1637
1986 Ramsey Road7Barry Groombridge1057.871.6 Mallock U2-Ford/Lotus/Willis TC Mk16310
1986 Pembrey9Barry Groombridge1246.181.6 Mallock U2-Ford/Lotus/Willis TC Mk16111
1986 Kirkistown10Barry Groombridge665.211.6 Mallock U2-Ford/Lotus/Willis TC Mk16718
1987 Pembrey1Barry Groombridge658.011.6 Modus-Ford/Hart BDA M4-011-SH725
1987 Colerne4Barry Groombridge1061.171.6 Modus-Ford/Hart BDA M4-011-SH328
1987 Oulton Park5Barry Groombridge857.531.6 Modus-Ford/Hart BDA M4-011-SH533
1987 Curborough6Barry Groombridge731.511.6 Modus-Ford/Hart BDA M4-011-SH639
1987 New Brighton7Barry Groombridge953.421.6 Modus-Ford/Hart BDA M4-011-SH443
1987 Ramsey Road8Barry Groombridge653.701.6 Modus-Ford/Hart BDA M4-011-SH750
1987 Kirkistown10Barry Groombridge760.341.6 Modus-Ford/Hart BDA M4-011-SH656
1987 Colerne11Barry Groombridge859.471.6 Modus-Ford/Hart BDA M4-011-SH561
1987 Ingliston13Barry Groombridge748.011.6 Modus-Ford/Hart BDA M4-011-SH667
1988 Pembrey1Barry Groombridge855.461.6 Modus-Ford/Hart BDA M4-011-SH572
1988 Pembrey9Barry Groombridge754.841.6 Modus-Ford/Willis BDA M4-011-SH678
1989 Pembrey1Barry Groombridge553.882.0 Modus-Hart M4H-011-SH886
1989 Pembrey8Barry Groombridge1055.912.0 Modus-Hart M4H-011-SH389
1991 Pembrey7Barry Groombridge1154.811.6 March-Ford/KMR BDA 79B291
1991 Weston12Barry Groombridge912.945.4 Pilbeam-Rover/TVR MP58/04495