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Driver summary Clive Harris

First Year1990
Last Year1994
Number of runoffs17
Best Runoff2
Average Position7.2941

Points Tally Clive Harris

1990 36
1991 2818
1992 5339
1993 4278
1994 3239

Driver/Car Bio for Clive Harris

1990 Pembrey1Clive Harris1158.142.0 Martin-Chevrolet Vega BM1622
1990 New Brighton5Clive Harris1153.102.0 Martin-Chevrolet Vega BM1624
1990 Brighton10Clive Harris1117.922.0 Martin-Chevrolet Vega BM1626
1991 Pembrey1Clive Harris754.762.0 Ralt-Hart RT4-HCS612
1991 Colerne10Clive Harris1165.892.0 Ralt-Hart RT4-HCS214
1992 Curborough3Clive Harris729.872.0 Ralt-Hart RT4-HCS620
1992 Pembrey4Clive Harris2123.982.0 Ralt-Hart RT4-HCS1131
1992 Aintree8Clive Harris845.782.0 Martin-Chevrolet Vega BM16536
1992 Brighton10Clive Harris817.582.0 Martin-Chevrolet Vega BM16541
1992 Weston12Clive Harris715.522.0 Martin-Chevrolet Vega BM16647
1993 Curborough3Clive Harris1031.942.0 Swift-Ford Pinto350
1993 Aintree5Clive Harris542.872.0 Ralt-Hart RT4-HCS858
1993 Three Sisters6Clive Harris551.782.0 Ralt-Hart RT4-HCS866
1993 Brighton9Clive Harris510.542.0 Ralt-Hart RT4-HCS874
1994 Aintree7Clive Harris742.382.8 Ralt-Hart RT4-HCS680
1994 Three Sisters8Clive Harris450.782.8 Ralt-Hart RT4-HCS989
1994 Three Sisters11Clive Harris541.812.8 Ralt-Hart RT4-HCS897