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Driver summary Glyn Sketchley

First Year1993
Last Year2013
Number of runoffs30
Best Runoff2
Average Position7.9333

Points Tally Glyn Sketchley

1993 12
1994 31024
1998 1626
1999 1920
2000 11123
2001 42313
2009 8429
2013 11499

Driver/Car Bio for Glyn Sketchley

1993 Colerne8Glyn Sketchley1170.161.0 Megapin-Yamaha CFM93/02/0922
1994 Curborough1Glyn Sketchley1031.991.0 Megapin-Yamaha CFM93/02/0935
1994 Colerne5Glyn Sketchley1268.811.0 Megapin-Yamaha CFM93/02/0916
1994 Three Sisters11Glyn Sketchley742.311.0 Megapin-Yamaha CFM93/02/09612
1998 Three Sisters15Glyn Sketchley745.650.5 Jedi-Suzuki Nova Mk1/14618
1999 Three Sisters12Glyn Sketchley443.930.5 Jedi-Suzuki Nova Mk1/14927
2000 Three Sisters13Glyn Sketchley241.860.5 Jedi-Suzuki Nova Mk11138
2001 Croft1Glyn Sketchley679.271.1 Megapin-Yamaha CFM93/02/09745
2001 Aintree2Glyn Sketchley944.901.1 Megapin-Yamaha CFM93/02/09449
2001 Pembrey6Glyn Sketchley1138.741.1 Megapin-Yamaha CFM93/02/09251
2001 Three Sisters13Glyn Sketchley342.361.1 Megapin-Yamaha CFM93/02/091061
2009 Castle Combe1Glyn Sketchley12138.421.6 Force-Suzuki Hyabusa PT1600-019?162
2009 Croft2Glyn Sketchley1078.151.6 Force-Suzuki Hyabusa PT1600-019?365
2009 Pembrey4Glyn Sketchley8101.901.6 Force-Suzuki Hyabusa PT1600-019?570
2009 Anglesey (Intl.)5Glyn Sketchley883.121.6 Force-Suzuki Hyabusa PT1600-019?575
2009 Anglesey (Natl.)6Glyn Sketchley5103.231.6 Force-Suzuki Hyabusa PT1600-019?883
2009 Lydden Hill11Glyn Sketchley567.861.6 Force-Suzuki Hyabusa PT1600-019?891
2009 Lydden Hill12Glyn Sketchley667.921.6 Force-Suzuki Hyabusa PT1600-019?798
2009 Mallory Park14Glyn Sketchley864.831.6 Force-Suzuki Hyabusa PT1600-019?5103
2013 Lydden Hill2Glyn Sketchley868.571.6 Force-Suzuki Hyabusa PT1600-019?5108
2013 Snetterton3Glyn Sketchley983.911.6 Force-Suzuki Hyabusa PT1600-019?4112
2013 Pembrey5Glyn Sketchley1299.401.6 Force-Suzuki Hyabusa PT1600-019?1113
2013 Pembrey6Glyn Sketchley897.261.6 Force-Suzuki Hyabusa PT1600-019?5118
2013 Anglesey7Glyn Sketchley1181.831.6 Force-Suzuki Hyabusa PT1600-019?2120
2013 Anglesey8Glyn Sketchley799.811.6 Force-Suzuki Hyabusa PT1600-019?6126
2013 Kirkistown9Glyn Sketchley894.051.6 Force-Suzuki Hyabusa PT1600-019?5131
2013 Kirkistown10Glyn Sketchley3115.651.6 Force-Suzuki Hyabusa PT1600-019?10141
2013 Knockhill11Glyn Sketchley12173.081.6 Force-Suzuki Hyabusa PT1600-019?1142
2013 Knockhill12Glyn Sketchley795.001.6 Force-Suzuki Hyabusa PT1600-019?6148
2013 Anglesey (Natl.)14Glyn Sketchley950.141.6 Force-Suzuki Hyabusa PT1600-019?4152