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Driver summary Guy Gibson

First Year2002
Last Year2005
Number of runoffs18
Best Runoff2
Average Position4.9444

Points Tally Guy Gibson

2002 6478
2003 9833
2005 31523

Driver/Car Bio for Guy Gibson

2002 Curborough5Guy Gibson654.521.5 Force-Suzuki/TTS PT01277
2002 Llandow6Guy Gibson888.971.5 Force-Suzuki/TTS PT012512
2002 Colerne11Guy Gibson571.671.5 Force-Suzuki/TTS PT012820
2002 Aintree12Guy Gibson542.181.5 Force-Suzuki/TTS PT012828
2002 Three Sisters13Guy Gibson341.591.5 Force-Suzuki/TTS PT0121038
2002 Croft14Guy Gibson493.701.5 Force-Suzuki/TTS PT012947
2003 MIRA2Guy Gibson244.041.5 Force-Suzuki/TTS PT0121158
2003 Pembrey3Guy Gibson448.671.5 Force-Suzuki/TTS PT012967
2003 Pembrey4Guy Gibson545.631.5 Force-Suzuki/TTS PT012875
2003 Anglesey5Guy Gibson381.571.5 Force-Suzuki/TTS PT0121085
2003 Llandow6Guy Gibson472.441.5 Force-Suzuki/TTS PT012994
2003 Knockhill7Guy Gibson3102.251.5 Force-Suzuki/TTS PT01210104
2003 Kirkistown8Guy Gibson5108.231.5 Force-Suzuki/TTS PT0128112
2003 Nutts Corner9Guy Gibson485.401.5 Force-Suzuki/TTS PT0129121
2003 Aintree11Guy Gibson442.491.5 Force-Suzuki/TTS PT0129130
2005 Pembrey4Guy Gibson849.272.0 Dallara-Opel/Bob Jones F397-385135
2005 Pembrey5Guy Gibson1154.532.0 Dallara-Opel/Bob Jones F397-382137
2005 Anglesey6Guy Gibson582.882.0 Dallara-Opel/Bob Jones F397-388145