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Driver summary Martin Dowling

First Year1993
Last Year2005
Number of runoffs47
Best Runoff1
Average Position6.6383

Points Tally Martin Dowling

1993 12
1994 1430
1997 103415
1998 31517
1999 1722
2002 73914
2003 9735
2004 9816
2005 6449

Driver/Car Bio for Martin Dowling

1993 Aintree10Martin Dowling1148.593.0 Reynard-Alfa Romeo 88D-02 V622
1994 Three Sisters8Martin Dowling954.113.0 Reynard-Alfa Romeo 88D-02 V646
1997 Curborough1Martin Dowling929.943.0 Reynard-Judd 88D-02410
1997 MIRA2Martin Dowling845.143.0 Reynard-Judd BV 88D-02515
1997 Lydden Hill3Martin Dowling1075.063.0 Reynard-Judd BV 88D-02318
1997 Pembrey4Martin Dowling1291.903.0 Reynard-Judd BV 88D-02119
1997 Pembrey5Martin Dowling1282.483.0 Reynard-Judd 88D-02120
1997 Curborough6Martin Dowling1172.523.0 Reynard-Judd BV 88D-02222
1997 Aintree7Martin Dowling844.193.0 Reynard-Judd BV 88D-02527
1997 Three Sisters8Martin Dowling942.383.0 Reynard-Judd BV 88D-02431
1997 Aintree12Martin Dowling638.753.0 Reynard-Judd BV 88D-02738
1997 Three Sisters13Martin Dowling1142.033.0 Reynard-Judd BV 88D-02240
1998 Donington Park1Martin Dowling1184.413.0 Reynard-Judd BV 88D-02242
1998 Curborough6Martin Dowling753.723.0 Reynard-Judd BV 88D-02648
1998 Aintree14Martin Dowling638.713.0 Reynard-Judd BV 88D-02755
1999 MIRA2Martin Dowling645.853.0 Reynard-Judd BV 88D-02762
2002 MIRA2Martin Dowling645.863.0 Reynard-Cosworth DFV 88D-02769
2002 Pembrey3Martin Dowling851.923.0 Reynard-Cosworth DFV 88D-02574
2002 Curborough5Martin Dowling554.093.0 Reynard-Cosworth DFV 88D-02882
2002 Knockhill8Martin Dowling6112.593.0 Reynard-Cosworth DFV 88D-02789
2002 Colerne11Martin Dowling1074.723.0 Reynard-Cosworth DFV 88D-02392
2002 Aintree12Martin Dowling1143.953.0 Reynard-Cosworth DFV 88D-02294
2002 Three Sisters13Martin Dowling643.363.0 Reynard-Cosworth DFV 88D-027101
2003 MIRA2Martin Dowling344.093.5 Reynard Judd 88D-0210111
2003 Pembrey3Martin Dowling951.673.5 Reynard Judd 88D-024115
2003 Pembrey4Martin Dowling846.683.5 Reynard Judd 88D-025120
2003 Anglesey5Martin Dowling986.383.5 Reynard Judd 88D4124
2003 Knockhill7Martin Dowling5103.763.5 Reynard Judd 88D-028132
2003 Colerne10Martin Dowling570.273.5 Reynard Judd 88D-028140
2003 Aintree11Martin Dowling140.233.5 Reynard Judd 88D-0212152
2003 Carnaby Two12Martin Dowling193.363.5 Reynard Judd 88D-0212164
2003 Three Sisters13Martin Dowling341.023.5 Reynard Judd 88D-0210174
2004 Croft2Martin Dowling377.443.5 Reynard Judd 88D-0210184
2004 Knockhill3Martin Dowling8106.613.5 Reynard Judd 88D-025189
2004 Anglesey4Martin Dowling583.853.5 Reynard Judd 88D-028197
2004 Llandow5Martin Dowling471.943.5 Reynard Judd 88D-029206
2004 Colerne9Martin Dowling368.503.5 Reynard Judd 88D-0210216
2004 Aintree10Martin Dowling139.333.5 Reynard Judd 88D-0212228
2004 Pembrey11Martin Dowling449.423.5 Reynard Judd 88D-029237
2004 Pembrey12Martin Dowling553.303.5 Reynard Judd 88D-028245
2004 Three Sisters13Martin Dowling341.403.5 Reynard Judd 88D-0210255
2005 Croft1Martin Dowling1183.773.5 Reynard Judd 88D-022257
2005 Snetterton2Martin Dowling880.063.5 Reynard Judd 88D-025262
2005 Anglesey6Martin Dowling683.963.5 Reynard Judd 88D-027269
2005 MIRA7Martin Dowling242.093.5 Reynard Judd 88D-0211280
2005 Aintree12Martin Dowling339.663.5 Reynard Judd 88D-0210290
2005 Three Sisters13Martin Dowling446.963.5 Reynard Judd 88D-029299