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Driver summary Stuart Webster

First Year2001
Last Year2006
Number of runoffs25
Best Runoff2
Average Position6.8000

Points Tally Stuart Webster

2001 41816
2002 83017
2003 12992
2006 1827

Driver/Car Bio for Stuart Webster

2001 Curborough7Stuart Webster755.672.0 Swallow-Ford/HT Zeta DR14/00166
2001 Colerne11Stuart Webster1177.072.0 Swallow-Ford/HT Zeta DR14/00128
2001 Aintree12Stuart Webster644.762.0 Swallow-Ford/HT Zeta DR14/001715
2001 Three Sisters13Stuart Webster1045.492.0 Swallow-Ford/HT Zeta DR14/001318
2002 Croft1Stuart Webster1186.322.0 Swallow-Ford/HT Zeta DR14/001220
2002 MIRA2Stuart Webster947.782.0 Swallow-Ford/HT Zeta DR14/001424
2002 Pembrey3Stuart Webster751.752.0 Swallow-Ford/HT Zeta DR14/001630
2002 Pembrey4Stuart Webster848.842.0 Swallow-Ford/HT Zeta DR14/001535
2002 Curborough5Stuart Webster1259.062.0 Swallow-Ford/HT Zeta DR14/001136
2002 Colerne11Stuart Webster873.622.0 Swallow-Ford/HT Zeta DR14/001541
2002 Aintree12Stuart Webster943.062.0 Swallow-Ford/HT Zeta DR14/001445
2002 Three Sisters13Stuart Webster1044.592.0 Swallow-Ford/HT Zeta DR14/001348
2003 Croft1Stuart Webster1186.813.0 Reynard-Mugen 93D-011250
2003 MIRA2Stuart Webster545.283.0 Reynard-Mugen 93D-011858
2003 Pembrey3Stuart Webster549.013.0 Reynard-Mugen 93D-011866
2003 Pembrey4Stuart Webster344.213.0 Reynard-Mugen 93D-0111076
2003 Anglesey5Stuart Webster583.203.0 Reynard-Mugen 93D-011884
2003 Llandow6Stuart Webster573.033.0 Reynard-Mugen 93D-011892
2003 Knockhill7Stuart Webster4103.583.0 Reynard-Mugen 93D-0119101
2003 Kirkistown8Stuart Webster3105.873.0 Reynard-Mugen 93D-01110111
2003 Colerne10Stuart Webster368.993.0 Reynard-Mugen 93D-01110121
2003 Aintree11Stuart Webster241.993.0 Reynard-Mugen 93D-01111132
2003 Carnaby Two12Stuart Webster295.993.5 Reynard Judd 88D-0211143
2003 Three Sisters13Stuart Webster944.562.0 Swallow-Ford/HT Zeta DR144147
2006 Croft1Stuart Webster576.272.0 Chevron-Millington B47-79-088155