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Driver/Car Bio for 2.0 March-Ford BDG 782-5/79B

1983 Lydden Hill2Keith Cox149.802.0 March-Ford BDG 782-5/79B1212
1983 Curborough3Keith Cox533.822.0 March-Ford BDG 782-5/79B820
1983 Blackpool4Keith Cox724.242.0 March-Ford BDG 782-5/79B626
1983 Brighton6Keith Cox619.332.0 March-Ford BDG 782-5/79B733
1984 Lydden Hill2Keith Cox651.012.0 March-Ford BDG 782-5/79B740
1984 Curborough5Keith Cox933.202.0 March-Ford BDG 782-5/79B444
1984 Blackpool7Keith Cox1122.512.0 March-Ford BDG 782-5/79B246
1984 Pembrey8Keith Cox753.582.0 March-Ford BDG 782-5/79B652