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Driver/Car Bio for 2.8 Toleman-Hart TG290

1990 Pembrey1Richard Ames354.122.8 Toleman-Hart TG2901010
1990 Curborough2Richard Ames329.572.8 Toleman-Hart TG2901020
1990 Knockhill3Richard Ames549.762.8 Toleman-Hart TG290828
1990 Curborough4Richard Ames329.232.8 Toleman-Hart TG2901038
1990 New Brighton5Richard Ames349.542.8 Toleman-Hart TG2901048
1990 Blackpool6Richard Ames516.952.8 Toleman-Hart TG290856
1990 Pembrey7Richard Ames351.172.8 Toleman-Hart TG2901066
1990 Kirkistown8Richard Ames970.052.8 Toleman-Hart TG290470
1990 Brighton10Richard Ames716.402.8 Toleman-Hart TG290676
1991 Pembrey1Richard Ames352.012.8 Toleman-Hart TG2901086
1991 Curborough2Richard Ames431.652.8 Toleman-Hart TG290995
1991 Knockhill3Richard Ames448.262.8 Toleman-Hart TG2909104
1991 Curborough4Richard Ames328.912.8 Toleman-Hart TG29010114
1991 New Brighton5Richard Ames456.392.8 Toleman-Hart TG2909123
1991 Blackpool6Richard Ames520.312.8 Toleman-Hart TG2908131
1991 Pembrey7Richard Ames451.132.8 Toleman-Hart TG2909140
1991 Aintree9Richard Ames643.132.8 Toleman-Hart TG2907147
1991 Colerne10Richard Ames663.572.8 Toleman-Hart TG2907154
1991 Weston12Richard Ames612.452.8 Toleman-Hart TG2907161