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Driver/Car Bio for 4.2t SBR Crono

2015 Lydden Hill3Simon Bainbridge871.824.2t SBR Crono55
2016 Castle Combe1Simon Bainbridge9138.224.2t SBR Crono49
2016 Croft2Simon Bainbridge774.814.2t SBR Crono615
2016 Snetterton3Simon Bainbridge783.294.2t SBR Crono621
2016 Snetterton4Simon Bainbridge783.914.2t SBR Crono627
2016 Pembrey6Simon Bainbridge12170.754.2t SBR Crono128
2017 Snetterton3Simon Bainbridge984.074.2t SBR Crono432
2017 Snetterton4Simon Bainbridge882.014.2t SBR Crono537
2017 Pembrey5Simon Bainbridge10100.464.2t SBR Crono340
2017 Blyton Park (OTR)7Simon Bainbridge558.534.2t SBR Crono848
2017 Blyton Park (E.)8Simon Bainbridge763.964.2t SBR Crono654
2017 Kirkistown9Simon Bainbridge6112.964.2t SBR Crono761
2017 Kirkistown10Simon Bainbridge6113.554.2t SBR Crono768
2017 Knockhill (ACW)11Simon Bainbridge693.594.2t SBR Crono775
2017 Knockhill (CW)12Simon Bainbridge897.824.2t SBR Crono580
2017 Anglesey (Natl.)13Simon Bainbridge449.024.2t SBR Crono989
2017 Anglesey (Intl.)14Simon Bainbridge480.414.2t SBR Crono998
2018 Castle Combe1Simon Bainbridge5119.034.2t SBR Crono8106
2018 Pembrey3Simon Bainbridge12100.274.2t SBR Crono1107
2018 Pembrey4Simon Bainbridge1198.974.2t SBR Crono2109
2018 Snetterton5Simon Bainbridge1183.024.2t SBR Crono2111
2018 Snetterton6Simon Bainbridge1184.014.2t SBR Crono2113
2018 Knockhill (CW)9Simon Bainbridge894.344.2t SBR Crono5118
2018 Kirkistown10Simon Bainbridge7114.794.2t SBR Crono6124
2019 Blyton Park (OTR)6Simon Bainbridge857.054.2t SBR Crono5129
2019 Pembrey7Simon Bainbridge999.514.2t SBR Crono4133
2019 Aintree9Simon Bainbridge641.154.2t SBR Crono7140
2019 Lydden Hill10Simon Bainbridge1068.924.2t SBR Crono3143
2019 Kirkistown11Simon Bainbridge7131.174.2t SBR Crono6149
2019 Kirkistown12Simon Bainbridge7121.784.2t SBR Crono6155
2019 Knockhill (ACW)13Simon Bainbridge591.984.2t SBR Crono8163
2019 Knockhill (CW)14Simon Bainbridge395.304.2t SBR Crono10173
2019 Anglesey (Natl.)16Simon Bainbridge1151.054.2t SBR Crono2175
2019 Anglesey (Intl.)17Simon Bainbridge681.604.2t SBR Crono7182
2021 Blyton Park (E.)1Simon Bainbridge463.744.2t SBR Crono22204
2021 Pembrey (Natl.)5Simon Bainbridge6100.724.2t SBR Crono20224
2021 Pembrey (Natl.)6Simon Bainbridge3103.854.2t SBR Crono23247
2021 Pembrey (Club)7Simon Bainbridge6111.734.2t SBR Crono20267
2021 Pembrey (Club)8Simon Bainbridge6113.154.2t SBR Crono20287
2021 Snetterton9Simon Bainbridge684.824.2t SBR Crono20307
2021 Snetterton10Simon Bainbridge984.284.2t SBR Crono17324
2021 Snetterton11Simon Bainbridge783.434.2t SBR Crono19343
2021 Snetterton12Simon Bainbridge782.414.2t SBR Crono19362
2021 Lydden Hill13Simon Bainbridge671.184.2t SBR Crono20382
2021 Lydden Hill14Simon Bainbridge872.074.2t SBR Crono18400
2021 Knockhill (ACW)15Simon Bainbridge494.104.2t SBR Crono22422
2021 Knockhill (ACW)16Simon Bainbridge592.824.2t SBR Crono21443
2021 Knockhill (CW)17Simon Bainbridge596.174.2t SBR Crono21464
2021 Knockhill (CW)18Simon Bainbridge496.784.2t SBR Crono22486
2021 Blyton Park (E.)23Simon Bainbridge865.834.2t SBR Crono18504
2021 Blyton Park (E.)24Simon Bainbridge763.954.2t SBR Crono19523
2021 Anglesey (Natl.)27Simon Bainbridge156.844.2t SBR Crono25548
2021 Anglesey (Natl.)28Simon Bainbridge359.984.2t SBR Crono23571
2021 Castle Combe31Simon Bainbridge5119.554.2t SBR Crono21592
2021 Castle Combe32Simon Bainbridge3117.414.2t SBR Crono23615
2022 Anglesey (Natl.)1Simon Bainbridge853.044.2t SBR Crono18633
2022 Anglesey (Natl.)2Simon Bainbridge952.224.2t SBR Crono17650
2022 Anglesey (Intl.)3Simon Bainbridge1284.724.2t SBR Crono14664
2022 Anglesey (Intl.)4Simon Bainbridge882.804.2t SBR Crono18682
2022 Blyton Park (E.)6Simon Bainbridge562.324.2t SBR Crono21703
2022 Blyton Park (OTR)7Simon Bainbridge959.124.2t SBR Crono17720
2022 Blyton Park (OTR)8Simon Bainbridge758.714.2t SBR Crono19739
2022 Pembrey (Club)9Simon Bainbridge8108.134.2t SBR Crono18757
2022 Pembrey (Natl.)11Simon Bainbridge12122.974.2t SBR Crono14771
2022 Pembrey (Natl.)12Simon Bainbridge4105.914.2t SBR Crono22793
2022 Lydden Hill13Simon Bainbridge1297.034.2t SBR Crono14807
2022 Lydden Hill14Simon Bainbridge969.204.2t SBR Crono17824
2022 Kirkistown15Simon Bainbridge9164.324.2t SBR Crono17841
2022 Kirkistown16Simon Bainbridge2113.224.2t SBR Crono24865
2022 Kirkistown18Simon Bainbridge3112.284.2t SBR Crono23888
2022 Knockhill (ACW)19Simon Bainbridge2102.084.2t SBR Crono24912
2022 Knockhill (ACW)20Simon Bainbridge694.094.2t SBR Crono20932
2022 Blyton Park (E.)21Simon Bainbridge863.444.2t SBR Crono18950
2022 Blyton Park (E.)22Simon Bainbridge169.354.2t SBR Crono25975
2022 Anglesey (Natl.)25Simon Bainbridge1051.034.2t SBR Crono16991
2022 Anglesey (Natl.)26Simon Bainbridge849.974.2t SBR Crono181009
2022 Anglesey (Intl.)27Simon Bainbridge982.224.2t SBR Crono171026
2022 Anglesey (Intl.)28Simon Bainbridge981.604.2t SBR Crono171043
2022 Castle Combe29Simon Bainbridge4118.224.2t SBR Crono221065
2022 Castle Combe30Simon Bainbridge5116.884.2t SBR Crono211086
2023 Cadwell Park1Simon Bainbridge190.454.2t SBR Crono251111
2023 Cadwell Park2Simon Bainbridge187.384.2t SBR Crono251136
2023 Anglesey (Natl.)3Simon Bainbridge649.164.2t SBR Crono201156
2023 Anglesey (Natl.)4Simon Bainbridge949.574.2t SBR Crono171173
2023 Anglesey (Intl.)5Simon Bainbridge982.374.2t SBR Crono171190
2023 Anglesey (Intl.)6Simon Bainbridge13999.994.2t SBR Crono131203
2023 Blyton Park (E.)8Simon Bainbridge13999.994.2t SBR Crono131216
2023 Kirkistown19Simon Bainbridge4116.454.2t SBR Crono221238
2023 Kirkistown20Simon Bainbridge7169.844.2t SBR Crono191257
2023 Kirkistown21Simon Bainbridge2128.764.2t SBR Crono241281
2023 Kirkistown22Simon Bainbridge1123.144.2t SBR Crono251306
2023 Snetterton23Simon Bainbridge581.824.2t SBR Crono211327
2023 Snetterton24Simon Bainbridge583.944.2t SBR Crono211348
2023 Snetterton25Simon Bainbridge582.654.2t SBR Crono211369
2023 Pembrey (Club)27Simon Bainbridge4103.964.2t SBR Crono221391
2023 Pembrey (Club)28Simon Bainbridge5102.134.2t SBR Crono211412
2023 Pembrey (Natl.)29Simon Bainbridge13999.994.2t SBR Crono131425
2023 Pembrey (Natl.)30Simon Bainbridge1115.964.2t SBR Crono251450
2023 Anglesey (Natl.)35Simon Bainbridge459.894.2t SBR Crono221472
2023 Anglesey (Natl.)36Simon Bainbridge358.184.2t SBR Crono231495
2023 Anglesey (Intl.)38Simon Bainbridge1097.934.2t SBR Crono161511
2023 Knockhill (CW)39Simon Bainbridge1107.474.2t SBR Crono251536
2023 Knockhill (CW)40Simon Bainbridge3105.334.2t SBR Crono231559
2023 Castle Combe41Simon Bainbridge6124.464.2t SBR Crono201579