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Driver/Car Bio for 5.7 Chevron-Chevrolet B32-75-01

1978 Brighton11Noel le Tissier317.655.7 Chevron-Chevrolet B32-75-011010
1984 Lydden Hill2Ken Ayers550.655.7 Chevron-Chevrolet B32-75-01818
1984 Colerne3Ken Ayers863.525.7 Chevron-Chevrolet B32-75-01523
1984 New Brighton4Ken Ayers354.835.7 Chevron-Chevrolet B32-75-011033
1984 Mallory Park6Ken Ayers1064.945.7 Chevron-Chevrolet B32-75-01336
1984 Blackpool7Ken Ayers621.155.7 Chevron-Chevrolet B32-75-01743
1984 Pembrey8Ken Ayers652.015.7 Chevron-Chevrolet B32-75-01750