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Driver summary Chris Jones

First Year2017
Last Year2023
Number of runoffs32
Best Runoff1
Average Position6.0313

Points Tally Chris Jones

2017 42613
2018 94312
2019 3918
2021 11924
2022 7144
2023 819512

Driver/Car Bio for Chris Jones

2017 Blyton Park (OTR)7Chris Jones759.701.0 Force-Suzuki TA66
2017 Blyton Park (E.)8Chris Jones663.711.0 Force-Suzuki TA713
2017 Anglesey (Natl.)13Chris Jones750.321.0 Force-Suzuki TA619
2017 Anglesey (Intl.)14Chris Jones681.611.0 Force-Suzuki TA726
2018 Castle Combe1Chris Jones8124.901.0 Force-Suzuki TA1JD001531
2018 Pembrey3Chris Jones997.481.0 Force-Suzuki TA1JD001435
2018 Pembrey4Chris Jones997.411.0 Force-Suzuki TA1JD001439
2018 Snetterton5Chris Jones1082.651.0 Force-Suzuki TA1JD001342
2018 Snetterton6Chris Jones1083.641.0 Force-Suzuki TA1JD001345
2018 Blyton Park (E.)13Chris Jones1084.551.0 Force-Suzuki TA1JD001348
2018 Blyton Park (OTR)14Chris Jones758.241.0 Force-Suzuki TA1JD001654
2018 Anglesey (Natl.)15Chris Jones648.461.0 Force-Suzuki TA1JD001761
2018 Anglesey (Intl.)16Chris Jones579.911.0 Force-Suzuki TA1JD001869
2019 Castle Combe1Chris Jones9128.821.6T SBD Westfield SeiW473
2019 Blyton Park (E.)5Chris Jones1166.481.6T SBD Westfield SeiW275
2019 Pembrey (New)8Chris Jones10117.261.6T SBD Westfield SeiW378
2021 Snetterton9Chris Jones784.971.0 Force TA IJD0011997
2022 Anglesey (Natl.)1Chris Jones449.931.0 Force TA IJD00122119
2022 Anglesey (Natl.)2Chris Jones449.141.0 Force TA IJD00122141
2022 Anglesey (Intl.)4Chris Jones378.421.0 Force TA IJD00123164
2022 Pembrey (Natl.)11Chris Jones4103.971.0 Force TA IJD00122186
2022 Pembrey (Natl.)12Chris Jones7110.121.0 Force TA IJD00119205
2022 Lydden Hill13Chris Jones969.611.0 Force TA IJD00117222
2022 Lydden Hill14Chris Jones868.281.0 Force TA IJD00118240
2023 Lydden Hill11Chris Jones367.131.0 Force TA IJD00123263
2023 Lydden Hill12Chris Jones467.511.0 Force TA IJD00122285
2023 Pembrey (Club)13Chris Jones294.641.0 Force TA IJD00124309
2023 Pembrey (Club)14Chris Jones194.991.0 Force TA IJD00125334
2023 Pembrey (Natl.)15Chris Jones1105.711.0 Force TA IJD00125359
2023 Pembrey (Natl.)16Chris Jones3106.411.0 Force TA IJD00123382
2023 Lydden Hill17Chris Jones267.541.0 Force TA IJD00124406
2023 Lydden Hill18Chris Jones167.051.0 Force TA IJD00125431