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Driver summary Colin Cordy

First Year1976
Last Year1987
Number of runoffs15
Best Runoff3
Average Position6.4667

Points Tally Colin Cordy

1976 16
1977 211
1983 42110
1984 7575
1987 1333

Driver/Car Bio for Colin Cordy

1976 Curborough10Colin Cordy738.001.6 Mallock U2-Ford Mk 6D66
1977 Curborough7Colin Cordy843.471.6 Mallock U2-Ford Mk6D511
1977 Wroughton13Colin Cordy771.841.6 Mallock U2-Ford Mk6D617
1983 Curborough1Colin Cordy935.961.6 Martin-Ford BDA BM18421
1983 Curborough3Colin Cordy634.441.6 Martin-Ford BDA BM18728
1983 Colerne5Colin Cordy964.181.6 Martin-Ford BDA BM18432
1983 Brighton6Colin Cordy721.081.6 Martin-Ford BDA BM18638
1984 New Brighton4Colin Cordy557.893.5 Martin-Rover SD1 BM18846
1984 Mallory Park6Colin Cordy755.763.5 Martin-Rover SD1 BM18652
1984 Blackpool7Colin Cordy320.533.5 Martin-Rover SD1 BM181062
1984 Pembrey8Colin Cordy551.493.5 Martin-Rover SD1 BM18870
1984 Colerne9Colin Cordy763.373.5 Martin-Rover SD1 BM18676
1984 Brighton10Colin Cordy417.703.5 Martin-Rover SD1 BM18985
1984 Ramsey Road11Colin Cordy355.793.5 Martin-Rover SD1 BM181095
1987 Colerne11Colin Cordy1060.973.5 Martin-Rover/JE SD1 BM24398