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Driver summary John Gray

First Year1990
Last Year1993
Number of runoffs39
Best Runoff1
Average Position4.1282

Points Tally John Gray

1990 10598
1991 10993
1992 121192
1993 7692

Driver/Car Bio for John Gray

1990 Pembrey1John Gray655.112.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP57/0277
1990 Curborough2John Gray830.562.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP57/02512
1990 Knockhill3John Gray750.162.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP57/02618
1990 Curborough4John Gray830.432.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP57/02523
1990 New Brighton5John Gray951.842.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP57/02427
1990 Blackpool6John Gray717.422.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP57/02633
1990 Pembrey7John Gray753.932.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP57/02639
1990 Kirkistown8John Gray663.952.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP57/02746
1990 Colerne9John Gray964.062.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP57/02450
1990 Brighton10John Gray416.032.8 Pilbeam-Hart MP57/02959
1991 Pembrey1John Gray453.003.5 Pilbeam-Judd CV MP58/07968
1991 Curborough4John Gray729.843.5 Pilbeam-Judd CV MP58/07674
1991 New Brighton5John Gray154.543.5 Pilbeam-Judd CV MP58/071286
1991 Blackpool6John Gray118.503.5 Pilbeam-Judd CV MP58/071298
1991 Pembrey7John Gray551.383.5 Pilbeam-Judd CV MP58/078106
1991 Kirkistown8John Gray356.063.5 Pilbeam-Judd CV MP58/0710116
1991 Aintree9John Gray341.613.5 Pilbeam-Judd CV MP58/0710126
1991 Colerne10John Gray461.663.5 Pilbeam-Judd CV MP58/079135
1991 Brighton11John Gray114.553.5 Pilbeam-Judd CV MP58/0712147
1991 Weston12John Gray211.463.5 Pilbeam-Judd CV MP58/0711158
1992 Curborough1John Gray830.313.5 SPA/Pilbeam-Judd GV 58B V105163
1992 Knockhill2John Gray296.533.5 SPA/Pilbeam-Judd GV 58B V1011174
1992 Curborough3John Gray429.033.5 SPA/Pilbeam-Judd GV 58B V109183
1992 Pembrey4John Gray4127.303.5 SPA/Pilbeam-Judd GV 58B V109192
1992 Three Sisters5John Gray742.783.9 Toleman-Cosworth DFL TG1916198
1992 Blackpool6John Gray219.003.5 SPA/Pilbeam-Judd GV 58B V1011209
1992 Kirkistown7John Gray255.553.5 SPA/Pilbeam-Judd GV 58B V1011220
1992 Aintree8John Gray342.113.5 SPA/Pilbeam-Judd GV 58B V1010230
1992 Colerne9John Gray160.883.5 SPA/Pilbeam-Judd GV 58B V1012242
1992 Brighton10John Gray114.483.5 SPA/Pilbeam-Judd GV 58B V1012254
1992 New Brighton11John Gray247.853.5 SPA/Pilbeam-Judd GV 58B V1011265
1992 Weston12John Gray113.773.5 SPA/Pilbeam-Judd GV 58B V1012277
1993 Ingliston2John Gray1253.063.5 SPA/Pilbeam-Judd GV 58B V101278
1993 New Brighton4John Gray147.593.5 SPA/Pilbeam-Judd GV 58B V1012290
1993 Aintree5John Gray140.513.5 SPA/Pilbeam-Judd GV 58B V1012302
1993 Kirkistown7John Gray255.643.5 SPA/Pilbeam-Judd GV 58B V1011313
1993 Colerne8John Gray261.733.5 SPA/Pilbeam-Judd GV 58B V1011324
1993 Brighton9John Gray18.903.5 SPA/Pilbeam-Judd GV 58B V1012336
1993 Aintree10John Gray341.173.5 SPA/Pilbeam-Judd GV 58B V1010346