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Driver summary John Loudon

First Year2019
Last Year2023
Number of runoffs98
Best Runoff1
Average Position6.4082

Points Tally John Loudon

2019 115012
2021 275078
2022 265088
2023 347254

Driver/Car Bio for John Loudon

2019 Anglesey (Natl.)2John Loudon951.241.1 Force HC44
2019 Anglesey (Intl.)3John Loudon984.831.1 Force HC48
2019 Pembrey7John Loudon12101.481.1 Force HC19
2019 Pembrey (New)8John Loudon9113.841.1 Force HC413
2019 Aintree9John Loudon942.901.1 Force HC417
2019 Kirkistown11John Loudon9140.531.1 Force HC421
2019 Kirkistown12John Loudon6121.461.1 Force HC728
2019 Knockhill (ACW)13John Loudon798.021.1 Force HC634
2019 Knockhill (CW)14John Loudon7106.881.1 Force HC640
2019 Anglesey (Natl.)16John Loudon950.431.1 Force HC444
2019 Anglesey (Intl.)17John Loudon783.431.1 Force HC650
2021 Blyton Park (E.)1John Loudon967.291.1 Force HC1767
2021 Blyton Park (OTR)3John Loudon359.381.1 Force HC2390
2021 Blyton Park (OTR)4John Loudon459.921.1 Force HC22112
2021 Pembrey (Natl.)5John Loudon7100.931.1 Force HC19131
2021 Pembrey (Natl.)6John Loudon4108.231.1 Force HC22153
2021 Pembrey (Club)7John Loudon5109.781.1 Force HC21174
2021 Pembrey (Club)8John Loudon5110.691.1 Force HC21195
2021 Snetterton9John Loudon986.111.1 Force HC17212
2021 Snetterton11John Loudon986.131.1 Force HC17229
2021 Snetterton12John Loudon1185.091.1 Force HC15244
2021 Lydden Hill13John Loudon1175.161.1 Force HC15259
2021 Lydden Hill14John Loudon1175.161.1 Force HC15274
2021 Knockhill (ACW)16John Loudon10100.781.1 Force HC16290
2021 Knockhill (CW)17John Loudon10105.321.1 Force HC16306
2021 Knockhill (CW)18John Loudon8104.591.1 Force HC18324
2021 Kirkistown19John Loudon6123.621.1 Force HC20344
2021 Kirkistown20John Loudon5125.341.1 Force HC21365
2021 Kirkistown21John Loudon4120.571.1 Force HC22387
2021 Kirkistown22John Loudon3118.361.1 Force HC23410
2021 Blyton Park (E.)23John Loudon765.691.1 Force HC19429
2021 Blyton Park (E.)24John Loudon663.691.1 Force HC20449
2021 Anglesey (Natl.)27John Loudon759.871.6T Mygale FF200 SJ01/011 2012 EcoBoost19468
2021 Anglesey (Natl.)28John Loudon663.741.6T Mygale FF200 SJ01/011 2012 EcoBoost20488
2021 Anglesey (Intl.)29John Loudon883.781.6T Mygale FF200 SJ01/011 2012 EcoBoost18506
2021 Anglesey (Intl.)30John Loudon982.941.6T Mygale FF200 SJ01/011 2012 EcoBoost17523
2021 Castle Combe31John Loudon11131.281.1 Force HC15538
2021 Castle Combe32John Loudon10129.091.1 Force HC16554
2022 Anglesey (Natl.)2John Loudon750.581.1 Force TA IJD00919573
2022 Anglesey (Intl.)3John Loudon1184.561.1 Force TA IJD00915588
2022 Blyton Park (E.)5John Loudon662.561.1 Force TA IJD00920608
2022 Blyton Park (E.)6John Loudon763.071.1 Force TA IJD00919627
2022 Blyton Park (OTR)7John Loudon858.911.1 Force TA IJD00918645
2022 Blyton Park (OTR)8John Loudon658.171.1 Force TA IJD00920665
2022 Pembrey (Club)9John Loudon7107.101.1 Force TA IJD00919684
2022 Pembrey (Natl.)11John Loudon7109.801.1 Force TA IJD00919703
2022 Pembrey (Natl.)12John Loudon9111.781.1 Force TA IJD00917720
2022 Lydden Hill13John Loudon869.041.1 Force TA IJD00918738
2022 Lydden Hill14John Loudon667.551.1 Force TA IJD00920758
2022 Kirkistown15John Loudon5116.541.1 Force TA IJD00921779
2022 Kirkistown16John Loudon4117.051.1 Force TA IJD00922801
2022 Kirkistown17John Loudon4115.821.1 Force TA IJD00922823
2022 Kirkistown18John Loudon7116.441.1 Force TA IJD00919842
2022 Knockhill (ACW)19John Loudon6107.211.1 Force TA IJD00920862
2022 Knockhill (ACW)20John Loudon493.061.1 Force TA IJD00922884
2022 Blyton Park (E.)21John Loudon661.761.1 Force TA IJD00920904
2022 Blyton Park (E.)22John Loudon979.921.1 Force TA IJD00917921
2022 Blyton Park (OTR)23John Loudon858.751.1 Force TA IJD00918939
2022 Anglesey (Natl.)25John Loudon749.321.6T Mygale FF200 SJ01/011 2012 EcoBoost19958
2022 Anglesey (Natl.)26John Loudon649.051.6T Mygale FF200 SJ01/011 2012 EcoBoost20978
2022 Anglesey (Intl.)27John Loudon779.881.6T Mygale FF200 SJ01/011 2012 EcoBoost19997
2022 Anglesey (Intl.)28John Loudon780.241.6T Mygale FF200 SJ01/011 2012 EcoBoost191016
2022 Castle Combe29John Loudon6121.261.6T Mygale FF200 SJ01/011 2012 EcoBoost201036
2022 Castle Combe30John Loudon7119.341.6T Mygale FF200 SJ01/011 2012 EcoBoost191055
2023 Cadwell Park1John Loudon8234.611.1 Force TA IJD009181073
2023 Cadwell Park2John Loudon6115.901.1 Force TA IJD009201093
2023 Anglesey (Natl.)3John Loudon850.251.1 Force TA IJD009181111
2023 Anglesey (Natl.)4John Loudon748.611.1 Force TA IJD009191130
2023 Anglesey (Intl.)5John Loudon280.071.1 Force TA IJD009241154
2023 Anglesey (Intl.)6John Loudon581.161.1 Force TA IJD009211175
2023 Blyton Park (E.)7John Loudon1182.111.1 Force TA IJD009151190
2023 Blyton Park (E.)8John Loudon763.441.1 Force TA IJD009191209
2023 Blyton Park (OTR)9John Loudon558.581.1 Force TA IJD009211230
2023 Blyton Park (OTR)10John Loudon658.551.1 Force TA IJD009201250
2023 Lydden Hill11John Loudon668.541.1 Force TA IJD009201270
2023 Lydden Hill12John Loudon768.801.1 Force TA IJD009191289
2023 Pembrey (Club)13John Loudon494.961.1 Force TA IJD009221311
2023 Pembrey (Club)14John Loudon395.701.1 Force TA IJD009231334
2023 Lydden Hill17John Loudon368.281.1 Force TA IJD009231357
2023 Lydden Hill18John Loudon468.491.1 Force TA IJD009221379
2023 Kirkistown19John Loudon5117.491.1 Force TA IJD009211400
2023 Kirkistown20John Loudon4119.301.1 Force TA IJD009221422
2023 Kirkistown21John Loudon6162.471.1 Force TA IJD009201442
2023 Kirkistown22John Loudon6164.231.1 Force TA IJD009201462
2023 Snetterton23John Loudon380.901.1 Force TA IJD009231485
2023 Snetterton24John Loudon381.181.1 Force TA IJD009231508
2023 Snetterton25John Loudon278.921.1 Force TA IJD009241532
2023 Blyton Park (E.)31John Loudon261.241.1 Force TA IJD009241556
2023 Blyton Park (E.)32John Loudon161.891.1 Force TA IJD009251581
2023 Blyton Park (OTR)33John Loudon360.401.1 Force TA IJD009231604
2023 Blyton Park (OTR)34John Loudon358.631.1 Force TA IJD009231627
2023 Anglesey (Natl.)35John Loudon257.191.1 Force TA IJD009241651
2023 Anglesey (Natl.)36John Loudon660.151.1 Force TA IJD009201671
2023 Anglesey (Intl.)37John Loudon587.951.1 Force TA IJD009211692
2023 Anglesey (Intl.)38John Loudon481.101.1 Force TA IJD009221714
2023 Knockhill (CW)39John Loudon5115.491.1 Force TA IJD009211735
2023 Knockhill (CW)40John Loudon6112.521.1 Force TA IJD009201755
2023 Castle Combe41John Loudon4124.201.1 Force TA IJD009221777