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Driver summary John Page

First Year1986
Last Year1992
Number of runoffs9
Best Runoff5
Average Position8.5556

Points Tally John Page

1986 31516
1987 2729
1992 41817

Driver/Car Bio for John Page

1986 Colerne3John Page962.281.5 Ensign-Ford/Lotus TC LNF3-7344
1986 Bruntingthorpe4John Page555.981.5 Ensign-Ford/Lotus TC LNF3-73812
1986 Pembrey9John Page1045.401.5 Ensign-Ford/Lotus TC LNF3-73315
1987 Pembrey1John Page960.651.5 Ensign-Lotus TC LNF3-73419
1987 Brighton12John Page1022.461.5 Ensign-Lotus TC LNF3-73322
1992 Pembrey4John Page9133.941.6 Reynard-VW VW90-F194426
1992 Three Sisters5John Page843.031.6 Reynard-VW VW90-F194531
1992 Aintree8John Page946.331.6 Reynard-VW VW90-F194435
1992 Colerne9John Page866.971.6 Reynard-VW VW90-F194540