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Driver summary Mike Lane

First Year1985
Last Year1988
Number of runoffs15
Best Runoff7
Average Position10.0667

Points Tally Mike Lane

1985 51323
1986 51423
1987 11
1988 41617

Driver/Car Bio for Mike Lane

1985 Colerne2Mike Lane11100.201.6 Lola-Ford BDA T46022
1985 Lydden Hill3Mike Lane1050.581.6 Lola-Ford BDA T46035
1985 Mallory Park6Mike Lane1056.541.6 Lola-Ford BDA T46038
1985 Pembrey7Mike Lane1246.591.6 Lola-Ford BDA T46019
1985 Brighton11Mike Lane919.491.6 Lola-Ford BDA T460413
1986 Pembrey1Mike Lane1147.451.6 Lola-Ford BDA T460215
1986 New Brighton6Mike Lane1056.141.6 Lola-Ford BDA T460318
1986 Ramsey Road7Mike Lane954.821.6 Lola-Ford BDA T460422
1986 Mallory Park8Mike Lane1253.611.6 Lola-Ford BDA T460123
1986 Brighton12Mike Lane923.361.6 Lola-Ford BDA T460427
1987 Brighton12Mike Lane1225.551.6 Pilbeam-Ford BDA MP50/01128
1988 Ingliston3Mike Lane947.731.6 Pilbeam-Ford BDA MP50/01432
1988 Donington Park5Mike Lane1063.301.6 Pilbeam-Ford BDA MP50/01335
1988 Ramsey Road7Mike Lane755.581.6 Pilbeam-Ford BDA MP50/01641
1988 Brighton11Mike Lane1018.601.6 Pilbeam-Ford BDA MP50/01344