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Driver summary Tom Potter

First Year2006
Last Year2012
Number of runoffs28
Best Runoff2
Average Position6.1071

Points Tally Tom Potter

2006 74110
2007 9576
2009 21520
2010 7597
2011 1924
2012 21218

Driver/Car Bio for Tom Potter

2006 Anglesey3Tom Potter885.151.0 Jedi-Sukuki GSXR/PDQ Mk4-08355
2006 Anglesey4Tom Potter1185.371.0 Jedi-Sukuki GSXR/PDQ Mk4-08327
2006 Lydden Hill5Tom Potter770.331.0 Jedi-Sukuki GSXR/PDQ Mk4-083613
2006 Llandow8Tom Potter770.801.0 Jedi-Sukuki GSXR/PDQ Mk4-083619
2006 Colerne11Tom Potter468.781.0 Jedi-Sukuki GSXR/PDQ Mk4-083928
2006 Aintree12Tom Potter847.391.0 Jedi-Sukuki GSXR/PDQ Mk4-083533
2006 Cadwell Park13Tom Potter579.791.0 Jedi-Sukuki GSXR/PDQ Mk4-083841
2007 Croft1Tom Potter976.821.0 Jedi-Sukuki GSXR/PDQ Mk4-083445
2007 Cadwell Park2Tom Potter375.711.0 Jedi-Sukuki GSXR/PDQ Mk4-0831055
2007 Knockhill3Tom Potter10107.951.0 Jedi-Sukuki GSXR/PDQ Mk4-083358
2007 Pembrey5Tom Potter946.631.0 Jedi-Sukuki GSXR/PDQ Mk4-083462
2007 Anglesey (Intl.)6Tom Potter985.111.0 Jedi-Sukuki GSXR/PDQ Mk4-083466
2007 Anglesey (Natl.)7Tom Potter4104.221.0 Jedi-Sukuki GSXR/PDQ Mk4-083975
2007 Lydden Hill8Tom Potter470.461.0 Jedi-Sukuki GSXR/PDQ Mk4-083984
2007 Snetterton9Tom Potter759.051.0 Jedi-Sukuki GSXR/PDQ Mk4-083690
2007 Colerne13Tom Potter567.161.0 Jedi-Sukuki GSXR/PDQ Mk4-083898
2009 Kames9Tom Potter568.531.0 Jedi-Sukuki GSXR/PDQ Mk4-0838106
2009 Kames10Tom Potter676.421.0 Jedi-Sukuki GSXR/PDQ Mk4-0837113
2010 Castle Combe1Tom Potter4122.071.0t Jedi-Suzuki Mk4-0839122
2010 Silverstone3Tom Potter287.881.0t Jedi-Suzuki Mk4-08311133
2010 Ingliston4Tom Potter840.621.0t Jedi-Suzuki Mk4-0835138
2010 Ingliston5Tom Potter539.201.0t Jedi-Suzuki Mk4-0838146
2010 Pembrey6Tom Potter799.031.0t Jedi-Suzuki Mk4-0836152
2010 Lydden Hill14Tom Potter366.081.0t Jedi-Suzuki Mk4-08310162
2010 Lydden Hill15Tom Potter365.501.0t Jedi-Suzuki Mk4-08310172
2011 Castle Combe1Tom Potter4121.981.0t Jedi-Suzuki Mk4-0839181
2011 Silverstone2Tom Potter0888.881.0t Jedi-Suzuki Mk4-08313194
2012 Snetterton 1002Tom Potter884.601.0t Jedi-Suzuki Mk4-0835199
2012 Snetterton 1003Tom Potter6104.001.0t Jedi-Suzuki Mk4-0837206
2012 Pembrey4Tom Potter0888.881.0t Jedi-Suzuki Mk4-08313219