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Driver/Car Bio for 2.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/4

1986 Pembrey1Rodney Eyles241.842.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/41111
1986 Curborough2Rodney Eyles431.212.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/4920
1986 Colerne3Rodney Eyles257.162.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/41131
1986 Bruntingthorpe4Rodney Eyles251.772.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/41142
1986 Curborough5Rodney Eyles531.382.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/4850
1986 New Brighton6Rodney Eyles149.262.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/41262
1986 Mallory Park8Rodney Eyles146.622.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/41274
1986 Pembrey9Rodney Eyles140.232.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/41286
1986 Kirkistown10Rodney Eyles155.492.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/41298
1986 Weston13Rodney Eyles812.682.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/45103
1987 Pembrey1Rodney Eyles153.172.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/412115
1987 Donington Park2Rodney Eyles254.482.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/411126
1987 Curborough3Rodney Eyles530.602.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/48134
1987 Oulton Park5Rodney Eyles153.572.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/412146
1987 New Brighton7Rodney Eyles148.662.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/412158
1987 Pembrey9Rodney Eyles153.452.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/412170
1987 Kirkistown10Rodney Eyles357.902.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/410180
1987 Colerne11Rodney Eyles155.832.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/412192
1987 Ingliston13Rodney Eyles243.992.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/411203
1988 Pembrey1Rodney Eyles453.012.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/49212
1988 Donington Park5Rodney Eyles154.182.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/412224
1988 New Brighton6Rodney Eyles450.902.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/49233
1988 Pembrey9Rodney Eyles352.652.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/410243
1989 Pembrey1Jackie Harris1155.052.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/42245
1989 Curborough2Jackie Harris433.992.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/49254
1989 Ingliston3Jackie Harris243.952.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/411265
1989 Blackpool5Jackie Harris716.992.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/46271
1989 New Brighton6Jackie Harris743.452.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/46277
1989 Kirkistown9Jackie Harris357.142.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/410287
1998 Three Sisters15Tony Eyles144.212.5 Ralt-Hart RT3/412299