August 1998

Removed engine again. Finished welding the inner wing where the front engine mount bolts on to it. Painted the inner wing, and the engine mount bracket. Removed the brake servo bracket and bar, and painted the bulkhead where I moved the servo to. I need to buy another water pump gasket, as the water pump supplied by Aldon needs fitting, and it wasn't supplied with a gasket. Replaced the reel of cable inside the Mig welder. Thats my first 5KG reel used!
Fitted the bracket to the engine, so it's now supporting the engine. It works! This means, that after six months hard graft, I've finished installing the engine. Wow! (heads for the pub to celebrate) What shall I start on next? Because all I've got left to do is....

the wiring, ignition system, carbs and inlet manifold, exhaust system, fuel pipes, brake pipes, extinguisher, dash board, front suspension, and a lot of painting.
Cut out the four pieces that make up the engine mount bracket. Drilled the mounting holes and welded all the parts. Looks very professional. Fitted it to the engine, and lowered the engine so the bracket is now taking the strain. It works! 8)
Collected the steel plate (80x500mm), so I can make the engine mount bracket this weekend.
Finished the design of the bracket. I'll order some 2mm steel tomorrow, so I can fabricate it. Fitted the remaining bolts in to the roll cage mounting plates. I've had a bag of nuts and bolts for months, but I'd not fitted them until last night.
Reinstalled the engine. Started designing the engine mount bracket.
After spending most of Saturday sketching ideas for the front engine mount, I've now worked out a simple solution, that involves using one of the RS1800 gearbox rubber mountings. If I cut a hole in the inner wing (at the water pump end of the engine (the off-side in the UK)) and weld a plate at 45�, I can then attach the gearbox rubber mount, and all I have to do then is make a bracket from the alternator mounting bracket to the engine mount. The engine will lean down on to the rubber mounting, compressing it, and the mounting will allow the engine to move a small amount. I'll probably have to do the same at the rear of the engine too.

Removed the engine and box. Cut the hole, welded some 2.5mm steel plate at 45�, and drilled two holes for the rubber mount, and bolted the mounting to the plate. (I've taken some photos, look in the Picture Gallery)
Tried fitting the engine cradle back on last night, but I'm having difficulty with the four bolts that go through the cradle in to the chassis. I'm going to see if I can replace them with socket-head bolts. And I'm going to see about using six bolts, as the engine/gearbox is heavier than the original cross-flow/four speed set.

Bought eight socket head screws, so tonight I can fix the engine cradle on properly.

Success. The new socket head screws fit, and the engine cradle is finished at last. Now I can start working on the front engine mounting.
Finished tidying up the engine cradle. Slotted the mounting holes, and removed rust/burnt paint ready for re-painting.
I did some more welding tonight, to the engine support cradle. It needs strengthening, basically where I've modified it.